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    Crash Video

    Not sure if this has been posted here already but this crash happens during the filming of a TV commercial. You need to have your sound turned on to hear the crash and the camera man's frantic screams.
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    Digital prints from

    Just wondering if any of you have used any online photo printing companies. I usually try not to make many purchases online but i figured what the hell ... I recieved my prints from today and the prints came out perfect and were only 18 cents a print with flatrate 99 cent shipping...
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    Repo story

    Not sure if this is a repost and i do not have the time to read through thousands of threads to find out.
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    Looters beware !!!

    or this will happen
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    !!WARNING!! protect your wireless lans

    I have heard about it but never tried it until last night. A friend of mine had his laptop with him in the car so he decided to search for some wireless networks that he could connect to while driving through the neighborhood. I thought that we would connect to maybe one in the city if we were...
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    Explorer smokeshow

    I was told this video wont be up for too long but here it is.
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    rollin rollin rollin

    There is a clip of a car hitting a tree sideways ... care pretty much folded in half.
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    Dear Laura

    I found this on another forum and thought it was pretty funny. Not sure if this is a repost. If it is try to hold the urge to be the first one to say repost. On her radio show recently, Dr. Laura Schlesinger said that, as an >observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination...
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    I'll pass you then you pass me ... OK??

    Sucks to be this guy.
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    Janet Jacksons Boob

    Did that look like it was supposed to happen during the superbowl?:eek: I have the video of it but i didnt want to get yelled at for posting it.
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    Look before you step
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    Audi vs. Bus guess who wins

    If this has been posted before oh well. I dont have time to go through thousands of posts each day.
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    Bulk/Low cost office supplies

    Do any of you know where i can buy bulk or low cost office supplies? I am looking specifically for wrist pads for keyboards and mousepads with the wrist pads in them. Gel pads would be nice but i guess anything will do. One person asked for them now i have the entire office asking.
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    Very Cheap Software !!!!

    A friend of mine showed me this link and they really have cheap prices for alot of software. I have NOT bought anything from here so purchase at your own risk ... seems too good to be true to me but if its legit then its great. They have XP for 40 bucks!:eek: If any of you end up having...
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    If this is a repost ... please just move on without saying it ... i have seen the word repost too many damn times already. Hopefully this kid didnt get this mixture of alcohal and chlorine in his eyes.
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    Which portable jumpstarter is good?

    Exactly what the subject says. Recently i have seen 3 people that needed jump starts after work and i quickly realized how much it would suck to work a late night and after everyone leaves the office realizing that i left a light on somewhere and get stranded. Usually i do alot of research...
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    Deffinatly something you need to see

    This guy is an idiot.
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    KKM filter dry rot ??????

    I bought a KKM about 3 years and about 40,000 miles ago and it appears to be dry rotted and cracked. Has anyone else had this problem? I thought these things were supposed to be guarenteed for life and last forever?? Anyone know where i can get a replacement filter?
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    Video of me driving into a concrete wall oooops

    Here is a quick clip i made. This month at the Seekonk Speedway they tried something differnt. Usually they have spectator drags which is everyday street legal cars going around the track. This month they decided to have enduro drags which were demo cars going around the track. They figured...
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    Vid of police officer almost shooting someone

    I havnt been on here a while so i dont know if this has been posted already. But check out how dumb and lucky this police officer is.
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    Mario like you have never seen him before

    Mario doing a little dance. Dead Link Removed
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    Entire Tyson Fight Vid Here

    Here it is guys all 49 seconds of it. Looks like there was some kind of pay off to me. Those of you who paid money got screwed !!! Dead Link Removed
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    Text Editing Is The Best !!!!

    Click Here to see the coolest trick i have ever seen in Word !!!
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    Another funny video- One of a kind LMAO

    This guys hands couldnt even keep still im surprised they let him hold this one of a kind object ... HaHa Unlike my other famous video this one is work friendly :D Click Here