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    A New Old Member looking to buy again

    What's up guys. I dumped my 96 Explorer XLT (Centaurus Conversion Package) when i bought my Impala SS and now i'm considering getting (my wife) back into an SUV. She found 2 Explorers locally and I'd like your input. There's a 2001 XLT with 50,000 on the clock for $10k, and a 2002 with...
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    What i dumped the X for...

    Here's what i left my Explorer for. The front end leaves a bit to be desired, but i love everything else - even the 303hp and the front wheel drive! :eek:
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    CD Tray - How do i get it back in...

    After burning a cd, my work PC spit out the tray (i thought changed that option). I forgot about it after a while and when i got up i accidentally kicked it and knocked it out. Nothing is broken, and i'm savvy enough to have it all apart and get it back together, but i can't get the tray...
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    Add-an-Amp/Sub to OEM sound? (non-Ford)

    I'll understand if you refuse to help me... :( ...i had to do it! I recently purchased a 2006 Chevrolet Impala SS, but chose one without the Bose 8-speaker system plus amp & sub. That package didn't impress me, nor did it come on the one i could afford. Instead, i got just the standard...
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    Quick Payment - Good Communication - Thanks! -Chris
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    Quick Payment - Good Communication - Thanks Matt! -Chris
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    Larry hooked me up with some headlights & corners for a decent price when i was in a jam. Thanks Larry -Chris
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    Buy New or Lease?

    I've been looking for a larger people-mover (ewww-minivan) for my family of 5 (plus li'l bro, niece & nephew on occasion) and i've recently been gifted my parents Chevy conversion van. Now that i've got something else that i can tow my utility trailer to the Adirondacks with, i've considered...
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    Buy New or Lease?

    Was supposed to be a poll...ooops
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    3rd Gen wheels/tires on 2nd Gen (?)

    I'm looking to upgrade the 15" wheels on my 2nd gen and found a decent deal on 3rd gen 16"s - as seen in the following pic (i apologize in advance for the crappy editing): Overall size is pretty damn close (235/70R16). These should work no problem, right? Anyone know the offset of this...
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    DPFE Electrical Test/Diagram (?) p0402

    DPFE Sensor or EGR Faulty? Help! PLEASE READ!!!!! HELP!! :fire: I've been stuck with a p0402 (EGR Excessive Flow) for quite some time, and have replaced every component within the last year (maybe 8 months). Each repair seems to eliminate the problem for a while, but then the CEL comes...
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    Intake Temp & Pinging/Knocking

    Two unrelated questions: 1. On an 80* day, does a 145* intake temp sound right? The X gets SO hot its almost unbearable to be around after it's been driven for a while. According to my CarChip, the IAT on the average 80* day is around 145*, while the coolant temp never gets above 215* and...
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    How bad is too much ATF?

    How bad would it be if i've been driving around with WAY too much tranny fluid? The fluid, when warm, reads at least 1 1/2" beyond the crosshatched area on the dipstick. It's been that way since the tranny was rebuilt in April, 2004, as i've never added fluid to the system. Can i simply...
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    More Door Lock Electrical Issues

    Well, for about 1 1/2 years i haven't been able to lock my X with the keyfob, keypad or the front door locks. The rear tailgate switch works fine, though. (I think) i know where the problem is but haven't had the time (or taken the initiative) to fix this issue. Now, the doors will no...
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    OEM Shackles - 1 pc or 2 pcs?

    Are OEM rear shackles 1 or 2 piece? I just called Ford to order a pair to replace my stockers that have rusted through and the guy is telling me that i need (2) for each side, at $15/ea, $60 for the that correct? I don't have the vehicle to look at so let me know.
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    IAC at Autozone (?) - Part #?

    IAC at Autozone (?) - Which One??? I have determined that my IAC is shot. I'm getting frequent "howling" and when i plug the little intake hole, it turns into a fog horn. I looked up the price for a Wells replacement from Autozone and got two different units - so i went to AZ to pick up the...
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    Poly or Rubber Leaf Spring Bushings

    I need to replace my shackles (rotting away - see pics), and want to replace the leaf sping bushings at the same time. I don't so any offroading, so is it worth spending the big-bucks on Poly spring bushings? Where can i get OEM bushings, besides Ford? Nice, huh?
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    AC On = No Low-End!

    When i put the AC on, i lose ALL low-end seems to take forever to shift out of first from a dead stop, but when it does, all the power seems to be back. I know AC affects the engine as a whole (i've always been a windows-down kinda guy) but should it be THIS bad? Also, after...
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    Front-End Clunk/Creak upon Accel/Decel

    I've got a annoying creaking/clunking sound coming from the front end when the weight shifts from front to back and vice-versa, as well as when i turn the wheel at low/no speed. It feels like it's coming from beneath my feet. Right off the bat, i'm thinking it's the t-bar adjusters (which...
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    Looking for decent, inexpensive DVD player

    I'm looking for a decent yet inexpensive in-dash DVD player to install in the 2nd headunit port in my raised roof area. It just needs to play DVDs - no screen or anything. Anyone recommend a cheapie? How are the Pyle or others found on eBay?
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    Fiberglass Sub Boxes on eBay

    I was on eBay looking for a decent 12" single-sub box (have dual now but need more cargo room) and came across these fiberglass sub boxes. They look decent. I'm sure those of you who do it yourself may have issues with them, or claim they are crap, but i'm not vouching for the quality...
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    "Chrome" Grille Cover on eBay

    I am NOT the seller of this item. I was perusing the 35+ pages of Explorer stuff on eBay and came across this Chrome Grille Insert: Looks like a decent add-on for those that want a little bling without adding a billet grille.
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    Setting up remote connections (?)

    I want to be able to remotely connect to my PC at work (via VPN?) so that i can "work from home." My workstation is running XP Pro and my server is running Windows Server 2003. My home pc is running xp home. Both systems have high-speed (cable) internet. I know i've got to set up a VPN...
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    Torsion Bar Adjusters

    I just received my t-bar adjusters from FPN, and i don't know if i should return one or not. One of the adjuster's pads is not quite centered. As a matter of fact it overhangs one side by 1/4", while not covering about 1/8" of the actual metal on the other side. Should i send it...
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    AVG "eMail scanner not fully functional"

    I bit the bullet and gave up on NIS for free AVG. I've been pleased thus far, but there seems to be an issue with AVG Free and XP Home. I have XP set up for separate users and it seems to cause an issue with the eMail scanner when you switch users, or log on when another user has "timed...