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    experiences appreciated in a very bad time

    I am going through a very similar situation man except i only made it a year and a half and caught my wife cheating with a coworker. All I can say is hang in there man it sucks and hurts like hell but things do and will get better. I also filed for divorce I live in indiana and it makes a big...
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    looking for a laptop case

    Im looking for a waterproof plastic laptop case that will withstand some abuse. I cant find any online that are reasonable in price. Any body ever run across any that are good quality and reasonable in price? If not what kind of case would make a good laptop case?
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    World's largest diesel engine

    they said that thing is turbocharged just imagine what that turbo sounds like when it spools up
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    how to recondition paint?

    hey guys I have a white car and today I noticed when I was washing it that the paint is looking alittle dingy and not as bright as used to be. Granted the car is a 2001 so it will age alittle but is there any products or ways out there to make it shine alittle better and to clean up the little...
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    this day sucks

    Hey guys just wanted to give a little update on whats been going on. I have been doing pretty good have been keeping myself busy. Yesterday I got to have a great time, My ex called me and said I had some mail and wanted me to come over to her house and get it. Well last thursday she tried to...
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    leaking tranny help!?!

    if its the fill tube leaking we wouldnt charge more than 25 dollars to fix it. Its not the easiest thing to get to but it can be done.
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    this day sucks

    thank you My daughter is my whole world and I try to be the best father I can to her I dont get to see her everyday but the time I do get with her I do my best to show her who her daddy is and how much I love her.
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    leaking tranny help!?!

    it could be a couple things leaking in that area, the dipstick tube goes in there, they have been known to leak at the case they are just a press fit, or it could be a servo cover leaking. If you look on the passenger side of your transmission there should be 2 round covers on the side of the...
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    this day sucks

    I know it should have been but at the time I didnt want to feel like a failure because of ending my marriage. I was hoping she would come around and see there was no reason to hate or dispise this little innocent girl. I was always raised that marriage is a forever thing and if you have problems...
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    bad headunit?

    Ok this is not in an explorer but it could happen to any vehicle. I was driving my car today and i turned down the radio and when I got down to a certain volume my driversside door speakers quit working. If i turn the radio up the speaker will come back in. By the way this is a Alpine...
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    this day sucks

    she can have her boyfriend and her Fd up life. I just hope he knows what he is getting into !
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    this day sucks

    I only have one daughter and my ex wife is not the mother. She hated my little girl and did all she could to cause trouble for me so I ended up with supervised visitation because of it. I have had to miss out on alot because of her. I know your not supposed to hate anyone but its hard for me to...
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    this day sucks

    this is the 3rd chance I have given her , this time we ended up getting married but things never changed we made it about a year then she was right back to her cheating lieing ways. Because of her I couldnt see my daughter for 10 months( she isnt the mother) so now Im just concentrating on...
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    this day sucks

    oops thanks for reminding me about my profile havent been on here for awhile, I talked to some of my old neighbors and found out she has had this guy at the house for months when I was at work she was telling them that he was her brother ! Believe me Im done with this whack job Im ready to get...
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    this day sucks

    Well I had a very bad day today , I went over to my soon to be ex wifes house to get some mail this evening and found her there with her Boyfriend how great is that sorry just had to vent alittle bit guys im not in the greatest mood , This guy she told me was just a "friend" but I had my...
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    surface rust on bottom of car

    im just picky i guess its a 2001 buick lesabre so im gonna try to keep it as nice as possible. this is the first real nice car i have ever owned.
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    surface rust on bottom of car

    I just recently purchased a new car and noticed underneath the previous owner bottomed out alittle on the bottom of the car and scraped the paint and it has some surface rust on it. Can i just wire wheel the rust away and put some ruberized under coating on it to stop it from spreading. Will...
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    who chews?

    I read on a can of chew may cause tooth loss, who here has lost teeth from chewing or has had dental troubles from it?
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    97 Ford Explorer Accident (transmisson???)

    I work in a transmission shop and to be honest with there isnt any real way for a transmission to do that. Being yours is a 97 the trans is all electric but I dont think it could cause the computer to malfunction and make the engine rev or not. I have seen cars lurch when you put them in gear...
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    Lcd question

    Hey guys I have a double din 7inch lcd headunit in my truck. It works great but I just had one question about it since I have never owned a double din screen before. When I hit a bump the picture will wiggle some on the screen it doesnt distrort or anything looks almost like the picture is on a...
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    factory head unit and amp hook up

    When hooking up an aftermarket amp to a factory radio is it best to use a line out converter or use the high level inputs that hook directly to the car speakers from the amp?
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    is 10 guage wire enough?

    the amp syas 70 watts rms and it has a 5 amp current draw. I dont plan on upgrading so I think i should be alright.
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    is 10 guage wire enough?

    is 10 guage wire enough to power a really small 240 watt max cheapo amp? I have a real small amp and I have plenty of 10guage wire around so I was wonderign would this be enough to power this small amp?
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    new cd player or cd changer?

    Hey guys in my 97 ram I have a like 8 year old pioneer din and a hlf headunit that fills the dash nice. My only problem is it wont play cdrws or anything but an actual store bought cd. My question is since im low on funds should I just hook up my sony cd changer that will play burned cd's or...
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    Colts joke

    I heard this on the radio today and thought it was kind of funny. What do the Colts and The Rev. Billie Graham have in common?? They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell Jesus Christ ! lol