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    wheel bearings..Moog vs Ford OEM

    ball joints..Moog vs Ford OEM I changed my ball joints about 22,000 miles ago. On one side I installed some Moog upper and lower ball joints, and the other side Ford ball joints. My '91 explorer is modified with 35" tires on wide rims so I know the ball joints takes some stress. Well I...
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    chrome side step bars

    does anyone have a picture of a '91-'94 explorer with chrome nerf bars. Specifically one with a bodylift on it. I want to get one but all the ones I see are for without bodylifts. If I put those on the nerf bars will hang too low. Thats what I think though as I haven't ever seen one on a truck...
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    axle pivot bushings

    Anyone ever changed axle pivot bushings on '91-'91 explorers? Do I need to use a press for the bushings or can I use something like a balljoint press? The same type press for changing the ball joints. Are they really that tough to get out and install? Thaks in advance.
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    rear extended sway links

    I need longer rear sway bar links for the rear of my generation 1 explorer. I have the 5.5 inch superlift SOA lift for the rear axle. The superlift sway bar links are a little to short because I installed a add-a-leaf to the rear spring pack. The links looks like it needs to be about an inch...
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    #1 frame "huck" rivet failure

    Has anyone else expereinced a #1 crossmmember rivet coming loose? The rivet below the steering gearbox has come loose on mines and is allowing the crossmember to move and make a clunking noise. I just noticed it today. I will fix it tommorrow by removing the rivet and installing bolt.
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    Ball joints- best is ?

    What is the best ball joints for first generation ('91-'94) explorers? I have used the stock OEM replacements and they last pretty long but is Moog and better. I know they have greaseable fittings on the Moogs but I don't think that makes a diffrence.
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    damm lifter noise..gone

    I got rid of my lifter rattling/ ticking/tapping noise. I just changed the rocker arms and pushrods. The rockers and pushrods were badly worn. (193,000 miles). I was planning to install a new engine, new lifters, camshaft really soon. I had the parts (rockers and pushrods) from a very low...
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    Comp cams 49-410-8

    Any one running this camshaft from Comp Cams. Is it worth the money. I am guessing the cam plus the proper length pushrods costs around $400. Do you get better low end power..TOrque? Or is this a high rpm horsepower only gain. I am just wondering any benefits I will have. My explorer is a...
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    MAC headers

    Does anyone have any experience with the MAC headers for the 4.0L OHV. I have a '91 explorer. MAC header Any problems or and good reviews about it.
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    '95 engine in a '91

    Did anyone ever try installing a '95-'97 4.0L OHV (non sohc) enigne in a a '91-'94 explorer. I have read that the '95 and later 4.0L had a heart shaped cylinder which was smaller than those of the '91-'94 cylinder heads. That had the same compression ratio because of different sizes of dished...
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    superlift superunner steering

    Does anyone use this kit? I have this kit and is finding out that replacement parts are ridiculously expensive. And the parts don't even last long. For one make sure that the idler arm bushing are checked and if worn replaced often. I have replaced most of the linkages already because of wear...
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    whats the stupidest thing you did to your exploder

    Mine was trying to spin the tires with 36" tires. I blew the rear end up. The center diferential locker was totally in pieces, the ring and pinion had grooves from all the pieces of metal from the differential. I must say I was amazed at how stronp the "Precsion Gear " ring and pinion gear was...
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    ? for skyjacker 6" lifted explorers

    Do any of you guys with the skjacker 6" lift experience any type of axle wrap? I have a '91 explorer with a superlift 5.5" lift that uses the spring over axle conversion. The rear springs are sagging again. I installed a add-a-leaf a while back to try and aleviate the sagging rear. It worked...
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    Manual hubs and the double lock nuts

    I converted my automatic hublocks to the manual hublocks and changed the nuts that adjusts the bearing preload. I can't keep the nuts from backing out on the driver side. The passenger side is fine and is staying tight but the driver side no matter how tight I make it it keeps on coming loose...
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    Superlift suspension

    Why does the superlift 5.5 inch suspension lift kit drop the front axle pivots 5.5 inches and the radius arm drop brackets less? It would make more sense to me to drop the radius arms the same amount to have proper caster during the alignment.
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    superlift superrunner steering

    I need to replace the outer tie rods on my explorer with the superlift superrunner steering. Is there any place to get an outer tie rod end other than superlift. I just came from the parts stores and they couln't match the part from superlift. Does anyone know of a aftermarket part number for...
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    frt dana 35 ifs Locker options

    I am planning on getting some type of locker for my '91 explorer's dana 35 front end. I was thinking of getting the Detroit e-z locker or the Powertrax lock-rite for it. Is there any other options. Also has anyone had any experience using either lockers for the dana 35 frt end. I remember...
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    lifter noise

    Did anyone ever try adding an oil additive to reduce lifter noise in 4.0 liter OHV engines? I tried Marvel Mystery oil and it didn't work. I also tried a product made by "BG" called RF-7 and it also didn't work. Is there a additive that will work?????
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    How many miles???

    How many miles have you got on your explorer 4.0L engine? Specify if regular pushrod OHV or SOHC. I just want to know the longetivity of these engines. I personally have 146,000 miles on my 1991 explorer. Only problem I have right now is lifter noise...which goes away after about a mile of...
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    paint survey

    Hows you paint on the earlier explorers like '91-'94's. My '91 explorer's factory paint has a massive case of paint peel. It all started from a small spot and spread all over. Sort of like a cancer.
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    4.0 liter OHV lifter replacement

    Can you replace the lifters on a 4.0 liter engine? It is not the SOHC engine but the regular pushrod type. I looked at one and it looked impossible without removing the cylinder heads. I remember someone saying on this bulletin board that it can be done. I would like to know how it was done.
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    traction bars

    Does anyone know of any aftermarket traction bars? My explorer is lifted with superlift so the springs is above the axles.