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  1. jasonb

    Impact wrench good for BL install?

    you seriously need to put a Snap-on logo as your avatar. maybe even a few tattoos
  2. jasonb

    Tube Bender VS. Plasma Cutter

    You would probably use the plasma more often and they are really really nice to have, but they hit the nail on the head above.
  3. jasonb

    21Robbie21 SAS

    I would have given you a set of shock mounts had I known you were looking for some. Let me know when you get the front done and driving. I'll cut you a deal on a heavy duty diff cover. You can paint it red too since all you're good at is painting apparently. :D
  4. jasonb

    21Robbie21 SAS

    welcome to the club! btw.. how many rugs do you have laying around at your house?!?! :confused:
  5. jasonb

    Let me bounce this idea off you guys

    I know how you feel stock99.. that Jarrett guy is just a jerk. One time he hooked my truck up to his while I wasn't looking and went full throttle through a river full of rocks bigger than tires. He didn't even apologize afterwards either.
  6. jasonb

    21Robbie21 SAS

    haha... the cookie
  7. jasonb

    LD50 Full-size axle thread `93 Ex

    i'll vote for 5.13s also.. just in case you hadn't made your mind up yet.
  8. jasonb

    21Robbie21 SAS

    ooh.. yeah. I like that idea of the different size tires. That would be blingin
  9. jasonb

    21Robbie21 SAS

    except he still won't be able to use the front diff any! I don't think the diffs would like that being different ratios.
  10. jasonb

    21Robbie21 SAS

    .... that he can't really use without regearing the front.... :p no matter what... it's just a matter of order that you spend the money. either way.. both have to be done to call it finished!
  11. jasonb

    Late Fall Tellico Run

    yeah Patrick... You need to finish reshaping your gas tank skid plate to conform to the tank more. Like Gerald's. :D
  12. jasonb

    BMXking's Axle Swap 1st gen. Coils/Radius Arms!!!

    good edit James.. I was about to start refering to you as mr. gullible.
  13. jasonb

    BMXking's Axle Swap 1st gen. Coils/Radius Arms!!!

    not sure if it's been mentioned.. but you may want to beef up that trac bar mount. :D
  14. jasonb

    Cropping audio files

    thanks. I'll upload it later today. I knew we invited you to the EF hot tub party for something.
  15. jasonb

    Cropping audio files

    Ok.. I just downloaded an audiobook. It's a Media Player file now and is about 100 MB. I want to burn it to CD but it's 431 minutes. I want to listen to it in the vehicle so I want to basically chop it up into 80 minute chunks or so and burn those. What program can I use? Looking for...
  16. jasonb

    Crozet, VA 10th anniversary run chat thread

    Patrick called me earlier today asking how to get to Uwharrie. He and Josh Adams were going there on the way home I think. If they did, they are probably dealing with lots of clay and may not get home for a while.
  17. jasonb

    Section525 - D44 2nd gen. leaves SAS

    those are gonna be some ugly kids!
  18. jasonb

    Got something stolen tonight

    did someone steal you ability to take a decent picture too? :D
  19. jasonb

    W1670 radial drill press.

    I think it's a nice drill press for woodworking. It's HP is a little low and the spindle travel is pretty basic. Well, HP is about right for a table top, not for a floor model. The speeds are the thing that would steer me away though. I need to do a lot of metal drilling and 550 is just too...
  20. jasonb

    034x4's D44 SAS thread...

    I think he's already done the most work on it of anyone this year including me! Dont' give him more ideas. He'll be asking for the title soon.
  21. jasonb

    New ORV Park opened in SC...

    yeah, i've heard decent stuff about the place. And it's not far!
  22. jasonb

    Crozet, VA 10th anniversary run chat thread

    I wouldn't care so much if wasn't for the fact that they pay for stuff. Like my house and food or other nonessential things. :D
  23. jasonb

    Crozet, VA 10th anniversary run chat thread

    I walked outside today to the sound of an angle grinder and find Patrick starting a dang SAS on his Durango in my driveway!! He's getting ready for this trip big time!
  24. jasonb

    BMXking's Axle Swap 1st gen. Coils/Radius Arms!!!

    LOL.. good stuff. Welcome to modifying rigs. The more you modify them, the more they break.