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  1. No1dan2001

    Mon, Nov. 20th, BareBones in MD (7pm-ish)

    I might see if I can get up there, I have to work, but I definitely want to meet everyone. Hell the 20th is my birthday, so it will be all good, as long as I can get up there. Keep me posted. Thx Dan
  2. No1dan2001

    15s on a 3rd Gen...Well, Almost

    Sounds and looks good. I'm downgrading to 15's tomorrow, from my stock 16's...Hope everything works out well.
  3. No1dan2001

    Rim size?

    Maybe one of you guys could answer this.... I have a 97EB with 16 inch rims, and I want to pick up a set of mickey thompson 15" wheels. Would this create a problem? Thanks in advance. -Dan
  4. No1dan2001

    Any Xplorer clubs near Baltimore, MD?

    Sorry guys, computer crashed and work has kept me away for a long time. Does anyone have any updates on any meetings? Thanks
  5. No1dan2001

    Absolutely Unbelievable

    It's always good to show our true mentality
  6. No1dan2001

    opinions on flowmaster

    I finally found a custom shop down the street from me. It was good luck for me though, cause i walked in and working the counter was an old girlfriend's ex... He's gettin it welded and installed with the muffler for $175. (its not bad since the 50 SUV muffler is retail 155.99. Best of luck...
  7. No1dan2001

    FFN's explorer version 2, 19 inches lift, fullsize axles and more

    WEll lots of people are mocking this, but I have to tell you I think it's the most amazing thing ive seen. If I saw it driving down the road Id be starin as hard as if it were a convertible full of supermodels. Sweet!
  8. No1dan2001

    Comment by 'No1dan2001' in media 'hahahahahah'

    Ive seen this before, but It gets me every time !
  9. No1dan2001

    Best HU under 400 bux

    I've had pioneer DEH-P80 (380), DEH-P7500, DEH-P1400. I am currently using a Kenwood Excelon KDC-X789, Which is by far the best I've used ($I paid 279 from a local shop owner but going price is around $399) It all depends on what youre going to do with it...If youre going to be putting amps up...
  10. No1dan2001

    opinions on flowmaster

    I'd love to know who can just switch out the muffler. I've got a SOHC, but nobody will put it on for less than $200...P.S. I listened to the clip and it sounds awesome...Im definitely going with the 50 series.
  11. No1dan2001

    How to: Warrior Shackle Installation (pics)

    5 months too late, but i orded my shackles and addaleaf today..if anyones still sibscribed, ill keep you posted.
  12. No1dan2001

    2nd Gen Shock installation write up - All four corners

    Once again awesome. I need to change my shocks, but didnt have the money to do them.. If i had money, ive give it to you for postin this....(I dont though)
  13. No1dan2001

    How to: Fog Lights with Parking Lights

    Great post, I'm doin it tomorrow!
  14. No1dan2001

    Need help to break into my Explorer

    Great....Now i have to go get my alarm installed asap....good idea though
  15. No1dan2001

    Keep it up

    I've noticed nobody has been posting here lately...Whats up?
  16. No1dan2001

    Any Xplorer clubs near Baltimore, MD?

    Ok hopefully someone stil has this on their subscribe thread....I;m probably the most southern merylande on here, so If everythign went though in the last year I'd like to join - Dan
  17. No1dan2001

    Comment by 'No1dan2001' in media 'MY 2001 X'

    the X50 Blue...nice piece of equip..ive got one ive ever ahd
  18. No1dan2001

    installed new lights (pics)

    Thats awesome, I just hope I dont come across you at night going the opposite direction....That would suck Looks awesome Though
  19. No1dan2001

    Sliverstar Headlights

    Are they 9007's? The 9004 had the same plug style and they go into the leadlight the same ,but they are GM low beam lights? A Friend of mine bouight some 9004's for his grand am and then he gave them to me to put in my tyhunderbird (9007) and the highs wouldnt work? Hope this helps
  20. No1dan2001

    2 1/2" drop on my X, questions

    I'd like to know also. I was messing with the torsion bar today, but I was afraid to take it out
  21. No1dan2001

    No reverse

    Glad to say Mine came back today, working fully. It was the Shift fork.
  22. No1dan2001

    No reverse

    Id definitely take a look at some of the posts about the transfer cases. mine did the same exact thing, and its in the shop right now.. best of luck to you
  23. No1dan2001

    Anyone want a $140,000 '94 Ranger

    HA HA I know what you mean. I uesd to work at Maryland international speedway, and these punks would come in all big acting and run 17's in their civics. I think it was funny as hell.
  24. No1dan2001

    Collecting info on t-case problems.

    That'd be a good idea, seeing as though mine is in the shop for 2 weeks and they havent called me.
  25. No1dan2001

    Absolutely Unbelievable

    HAHA Thats funny