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    Check Oil light

    I just changed my oil about 2 weeks ago and now I am getting the "check oil" light. I have no leaks and the dipstick shows full. What is causing the light to come on? Maybe time to replace a sensor? If so where is it and how hard would it be to replace? Or should I just drop the oil pan and give...
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    ABS light

    First off I have a 1993 XLT. Completely stock with no modifications. The ABS light began going on and off at varying times for no apparent reason several months ago. I swapped the relays around in the engine compartment to check if that could be a problem since I can hear the relays clicking...
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    Pushbutton to lever 4wd shifter swap

    Is there a way to swap in a lever to control my 4wd shifting? I have just had my third electric shift motor die on me. It is a pain and expensive to replace this unit each time it goes out. I am finding that this is a common occurence. If there is a way to change over to a floor mounted lever...