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  1. piercexlt

    HIDs messing with my radio

    So I have recently installed HIDs both in my headlights and aftermarkets fogs that are on the X. I installed the headlights HIDs with no problem and no issues with my radio. But after installing the fog HIDs thats when it started. I have an Alpine Deck with HD radio. When I turn on my fog...
  2. piercexlt

    Projector fogs or stock fogs?

    Just want to get some opinions. I am in the process of getting new fogs lights because my passenger side glass broke and now the light is no good. I just upgraded my headlights to JDM black crystal clear headlights with black clear corner lights with 6000K HIDs and I want to get new fogs with...
  3. piercexlt

    Help with my oil filter!!!!

    So I am trying to change my oil filter on my 99 XLT and the thing wont move. So i tried the punch a screwdriver throught it to get it off, this worked on my mom's trailblazer, but it just teared the side of the filter and now the top of the filter is all dented in. HOW DO I GET THIS OFF!! I need...
  4. piercexlt

    new guy with some questions

    Hey there Im Matt. Im a newbie. i have a 99 xlt. nothing really done to it yet cause im in college and have no money. WHat I want to do it is 3" lift, tint the front windows to match the back, eith magnaflow or flowmaster exhaust system, a sound system, new hood, new lights, and new paint job...
  5. piercexlt

    whats a pretty cheap and good way to lift my X like 3 inches

    i want to lift my 99 xlt like 3 inches but i dont have a lot of money, but i want a good way to do it, no mickey mouses. anybody got any ideas on products?
  6. piercexlt

    Flowmaster on 99 XLT V8

    Hey there I want to put a Flowmaster system on my 99 XLT V8. I want to make it dual and I have a single now. Is that going to be difficult or should i be all set just about. Feedback is great. Thanks piercexlt
  7. piercexlt

    Push bar on XLT V8

    Hey I want to put a push bar on my '99 XLT V8. Any suggestions on what brand to go with. I want it to be square and black. Any feedback would be great. Thanks piercexlt