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    Well, I'm back

    Well, about 3 months ago, I sold the explorer, and now I've gone and bought a 1988 Ranger XLT 4wd. I really don't want to mod it that much, if at all. It is just going to be mostly a work/daily driver. I will be using my motorcycle mostly (GAS PRICES!!) since it gets 50+ mpg. The Ranger will...
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    So. Cal custom tube work!

    This is my Cousins business. If anyone needs some custom work, give him a call. He can do just about anything. here is the e-mail from my uncle: Hey Andy, just got back from vacation up the west coast. Glad everyone's doing good! Ya, send Jerub some SoCal work, he's done a lot of roll...
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    Tucson Run. July 2nd

    See thread by -=Daemon=- : TEST RUN
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    Custom "AR" Bumper

    Here is my new "AR" bumper It is made of the same stuff as my sliders. I hope it holds up. I still may need to run some arms to the frame from the bumper on the sides. Here are the pics: It looks like it sticks out far because I am still going to build a swing away tire mount for it. I...
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    Custom Sliders

    Custom by ME! I really put my welding skills (and welder) to work today. I built rock sliders for both sides (of course) but only got the passenger side on. It looks sweet, and I got to test it out with my Hi Lift. I got the front wheel off the ground, and no welds broke. It is really hard...
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    I want to put a T5 Tranny in

    I know my A4LD is pretty close to its last leg. It has 150K miles on it, and has never been rebuilt or anything. I really want a manual tranny, and only want a T5. I know a lot of mustangs have them, and have heard nothing but good things about them. I'm sure getting one would be cheaper than...
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    Tube Doors!!

    Just got done fabbing up my front tube doors! They were real simple and the 2 of em took me about 3.5 hrs to plan, cut and weld (oh yeah, paint too). Now I just have to figure out how to latch them. I have an idea in my head, I just have to try it out to see if it works. Here are the pics:
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    how's this welder?

    here it is: I can get it here on sale for $300. I think its a good deal, so I will probably pick it up!!
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    What size swampers???

    I want to upgrade to Interco Super swampers someday, and I'm not sure what size to get. Should I get the 34-10.50x15's or the 36-12.50x15's? I'm just not sure. The 36's seem too big, and the 34's seem too narrow. I'm just up in the air right now. I know also that the 33" swampers are like...
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    Superunner steering install

    Does anyone have a link, or the directions for this kit for the explorer? I thought I saw it on line in PDF format, but it is just for the 3/4 ton fords. If anyone has a link or just the directions that they want to send me, that would be great, or I will just have to do it blind (No...
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    Tucson/Sierra Vista, AZ

    Any one in Tucson/Sierra Vista want to do a run? Let me know, cause I won't be able to wheel in a little while due to Laurie being REALLY pegnant. (She loves to come with). Let me know. Andy
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    Explorer sighting!

    I think we should have a board where people can post explorer sightings of people who are not (or at least think are not) on this board. For instance, Today, while driving out of base here at DM (Tucson, AZ) I saw a 2nd gen explorer sport (White) with what had to be at least a 4" lift and I...
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    Explorer Sighting in Tucson

    Yesterday (Friday the 19th) I was driving by the University of Arizona and saw a fairly large lifted explorer. It was completely orange with fiberglass front fenders. I wasn't able to get a real good look at it since it was going the other way (west on Speedway at about 4:30pm) Just wondering...
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    Southern AZ explorers

    Does anyone want to do a run before T-haven? I was thinking like next weekend, right after christmas. If I can get a few people, we can make a run, and have a good time. Maybe a run down at Seirra Vista or something. Andy
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    Tucson, AZ Run

    I would like to get something together for the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Who is game. We would be doing the trail that we missed for this weekend, Charleau Gap. Let me know who can make it, and we will try a 2nd time to make a go of it. Later, Andy Hopefully -=Daemon=- will be...
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    ?Arizona Runs?

    Where are all the Arizona Runs? My explorer is ready to go, and I need to run her. The tepms are getting lower now, and Its a perfect time to go. Let me know if anyone is putting something together, or if I have to put something together. If it were up to me, I'd just head out to Reddington...
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    ARB compessor install

    Here it is. I moved the charcoal canister up to the A/C compressor mount and mounted the ARB compressor on the front sheet metal on the side of the radiator. Fits perfect!! I'll throw a light down there later so I can get a better picture. But for now, you can see where the wires come out...
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    Finally poting in the Registry!

    Finally posting in the "Elite" Registry! Haven't done this as of yet, so I figured now is the time. You can see some pictures right now if you look in my photo gallery under my Avitar. This is what my little girl has as of right now: 6" Skyjacker Class II lift With SOA in the rear Rancho...
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    Coil Spring Drop out guides

    I need something to help guide my coils out of thier buckets and to get them back in. (Not my highlift and the bottom of my foot). I have seen them in Cherokee lifts. It just sits in the center of the coil bucket and when you flex out, and your coil drops out it just guides it out and back in...
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    Tucson Fun Run

    Nothing major, just some trail riding at Reddington pass. When?? Sunday August 2nd for just a couple of hours. No time set as of yet, but probably around noon. Hope to see ya there!!! Andy:D
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    Alaska Meet and Greet

    go to for more info. Just putting the link on here. YOu can find out much more info there then what I am posting here. It is Memorial day weekend 2003. Hope many can show up. It will be in Southern Alaska, about 75 miles north of Ancorage. Have fun. Andy
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    Fairbanks Alaska Area Run

    The group I go wheelin' with is going on a run this Saturday, March 22nd in Salcha, Alaska. It is on Redmond Trail. For more information, check out Make sure you tell me too if you are going. I'd like to see another explorer or ranger out there. Thanks Andy
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    D44 out of an 82 Cherokee

    I know this is a leaf spring setup. I just want to know if it is easier to do a leaf sprung sas rather than a coil sas. Also, is the axle out of the cherokee a HP pumpkin or a LP? I know I'd have to do a soa on the axle also. Does anyone see any problems with this, is it doable? I can...
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    ATTN: Fabricators (SAS?)

    Was dreaming last night, and thought up of a new susp. mod that may be interesting and possibly doable. Here it is. You take a couple plates of steel, and bend em just right, and bolt or weld the 2 halves of the front axle together. Take off the drop brackets, and fab up some sort of control...
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    AC to onboard Air Conversion

    Has anyone done this. If so, how do you run the oiler and regulator and such. I really want to do this since my AC don't work no more. I just want to use the compressor for onboard air. I know I need an oiler and probably some sort of tank. I was thinking of maybe the ac cooler that is in...