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  1. MidnightRebel07

    Parting out a Sport Trac, check out the for sale section. LInked in thread.

    Not sure why my Sport Trac specific post was moved to the for sale section but here's the link for it. If anyone needs any parts or wants to buy the whole truck reply in the for sale ad. Thanks...
  2. MidnightRebel07

    Parting out 2002 Sport Trac, who needs parts?

    2001-2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac parts Radiator: $80 Driverside front door: $50 Driverside rear door: $50 Power mirrors: $20 each Power rear window:$100 Power rear window motor: $100 Passenger side airbag $30
  3. MidnightRebel07

    Extremely built GW Dana 44 axle with high steer, gears, spool, etc... $700obo

    89 Grand Waggy Dana 44 off of 02 Tacoma for sale but already built for cheap as hell. This is a link to (I'm a member on there too) where the seller has listed it. I wish this was for sale when I was searching for my Dana 44, would've saved a lot of money...
  4. MidnightRebel07

    Aftermarket and stock parts for sale. adding to list as I take parts off truck.

    Ok, so many of you know me and know that I've done a ton of mods to my rig over the years but now I'm in the process of doing the biggest mods to date. A SAS (solid axle swap) and complete drivetrain swap form an '89 F-250 (351w, C6, manual t-case with 37's on H1 double beadlocks so needless to...
  5. MidnightRebel07

    33x12.50x15" Goodyear wrangler tires on Cragar Soft 8 wheels 5x4.5- $650

    33x12.50x15" Goodyear wrangler tires on Cragar Soft 8 wheels 5x4.5- $650
  6. MidnightRebel07

    Can someone bob the bed of my Sport Trac please?

    EDIT: Thanks again toypaseo for doing the bobbed bed photoshop for me. Here's the original pictures next to the bobbed version to see the differences. So I'm in the middle of doing my SAS and then my complete drivetrain swap from an '89 F-250 along with a partial exxo. I also plan on doing...
  7. MidnightRebel07

    Where does everyone get their steering stop bolts from for the DANA 44 knuckles?

    I just got a PartsMike highsteer kit with full crossover kit form a guy locally on CL that never used it. The kit didn't come with the stop bolts and nuts. Where does everyone get these bolts and nuts from? Hardware store or is there a company that sells these? Here's a link to my...
  8. MidnightRebel07

    Sport Trac's with Soft Toppers and Roof top tents.

    Some of you asked to see pictures of a ST with the Soft Topper on it. Here's some of the pictures that I've saved over the years from the internet... Ok so here's one, hopefully it uploaded, my computer is about two seconds away from being taken outside and getting ran over by my truck...
  9. MidnightRebel07

    Who here flat tows their Explorer's, Sport Trac's, etc...?

    I'm in the process of doing my SAS, V8 conversion on my 2003 Sport Trac. The rig will be street legal but just barely and it won't be the best for highway use (to get out to the trails further away). I don't have a trailer and so I would like to flat tow my truck behind my 2013 Toyota Tacoma...
  10. MidnightRebel07

    Caster and pinion angle setup during SOA/ SAS?

    I'm in the middle of doing my SAS with SOA on my '03 Explorer Sport Trac. I haven't welded the spring perches on yet, the suspension is just bolted loosely in place for mock up. I'm using Rancho 44044 lift springs for a Jeep along with Sky Fab's SAS Chevy S-10 kit. For wheels and tires I'm...
  11. MidnightRebel07

    Anyone ever use or have a EastWood 175 amp 220v mig welder or Longevity 200 S ?

    I'm looking at bigger welders (220v, 170+) to complete my SAS, Exxo, tube bed, etc... I've been searching the web and looking at different welders but it doesn't seem like there's that many out there in this size without taking out a loan from a bank to buy it. I used a Miller 212 autoset...
  12. MidnightRebel07

    (5) 33x12.5x15 Goodyear Duratrac's on Camouflage Sand 15x8 Cragar Soft 8 wheels $700

    I'm selling my set of "five" yes "5" 33x12.50x15 Goodyear Duratrac's mounted on 15x8 painted Camouflage Sand Cragar Soft 8 wheels, 5x4.5 bolt pattern and 4" backspacing. All five tires have same amount of tread and wear, rotated and balanced regularly. Most people sale wheels and tires in a...
  13. MidnightRebel07

    2003 Sport Trac - SAS, SOA started and here's a sneek peek.

    MidnightRebel07's Sport Trac SAS, 351w Build on 37's I've been talking for years about doing this and since the transmission is on it's way out enough to where I can't drive it a long distance, the fan clutch died (can't drive it without fan) I parked it. I started tearing everything from the...
  14. MidnightRebel07

    '89 F-250 drivtrain351/C6/ transfercase, Good driveline for offroad? buy pending!!

    I found a guy that has a 1989 F-250 that has a 351 fuel injected, C6, 4wd transfercase Borg Warner (he thinks). The truck has just over 100k miles on it and runs shifts good. My questions: Is this drivetrain a good setup for a trail/ street rig/ rock crawler? Does truck have a Borg...
  15. MidnightRebel07

    Unlimited Off road show & expo
  16. MidnightRebel07

    Miller185 Mig with complete setup ready to weld in Az.

    Seen this over on TW... SOLD!!!!
  17. MidnightRebel07

    Official Sport Trac specific CL finds, post here to help others...

    I go on All of CL every once in a while and find awesome deals, usually not in my region though so I link them here to help fellow members out. Add deals you find either in your region or others. Here's a red cap in the Wauwatosa (Milwaukee) Cap for $95...
  18. MidnightRebel07

    Favorite one liners to quote of 2013... Sorry Hugh LMAO

    Ok I know I'm quoting from another forum but this is my favorite one from 2013. We all mess with each other and joke around but Hugh has the best one liners to laugh at. :wavey: I laughed when I read this not because of what he wrote but because another member couldn't understand why he was...
  19. MidnightRebel07

    Anyone do a V8/ C4/6 swap in their EX's?

    My motor and trans are pretty much shot and I don't fell it's worth it to rebuild the Job2 4.0L and 5r55E from my '03 Sport Trac only to deal with it again. My plan is to use a complete drivetrain (motor, trans, transfercase) from a late '70's-mid 80's F-150, Bronco. Anyone ever do a full...
  20. MidnightRebel07

    My Trac "The Mistress" might be TKO'd and parked for a while.

    I've been having problems with the timing chain tensioners rattling for about a year and a half now (no biggie) but it's progressively been degrading. Now my o/d light has been flashing and the transmission has been struggling to climb the many hills and mountains around Pittsburgh (no flat...
  21. MidnightRebel07

    Mounting a Yakima Basket without crossbars. Post pictures of your Trac w/ basket.

    I used to have a Yakima MegaWarrior mounted on my ST with my spare tire, offroad lights, shovel, etc... attached to it. I had it mounted to the crossbars that I bought from ebay (I mounted l.e.d. marker lights to them). The only thing I didn't like about the setup was that it sat up so high...
  22. MidnightRebel07

    Ultra 15x10 Polished Aluminum wheels 5x4.5"

    I'm selling my Ultra Polished Aluminum wheels. They are 15x10 and are 5.4.5" bolt pattern. They will either need a really good polishing or painted, I was going to paint them if I decided to keep and run them on another rig. Used for three years. I had them listed for $200 plus shipping but...
  23. MidnightRebel07

    Warrior Products in-bed spare tire carrier.

    I'm selling my Warrior Products in bed mounted tire carrier. Was asking $200 plus shipping but dropped the price down to $150 plus shipping (already boxed up and ready to ship, previous buyer backed out. SOLD !!!!
  24. MidnightRebel07

    Help!! Inspection time.

    My Sport Trac is due for inspection and my driver side mirror has been shattered for a couple years now (just the glass). I've got through inspection last year on the promise that I would replace the mirror, well time flew by and I need to replace it to pass this year. My question is: Will...
  25. MidnightRebel07

    Ranger Explorer K&N Air Intake System - $100 (Butler, Pa.)

    Not mine but an awesome deal.