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  1. J

    Replacement shocks

    I've got a 92 4x4 Ex that needs shocks pretty badly!!! What should I get? I found that the Monroe ones are pretty cheap. I'm looking for inexpensive shocks that provide a good ride. I'm looking for more on road stuff as I'm looking at selling my truck and I'm using it as a commuter till I...
  2. J

    Front wheel bearing difficulty/time to change?

    I need to R&R the front wheel bearings on my truck and am wondering how long it takes usually and how hard it is? I found them online for about $15 and need to change them soon. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  3. J

    Help asap

    I need your help as soon as possible! I leave in the morning for NC. I was driving on some mountain roads here (dirt back roads) and noticed the roads seem to be rather bumpy. Well, I just figure it's bad shocks or something. Well, I decide to go out on to the actual asphalt to see if it's...
  4. J

    Cut fenders for (1-2" "lift")

    Has anyone out there cut the fenders an inch or so to give more clearance without lifting? I am all about $0-cheap mods. I saw a mod on wranglers that my bro is gonna do to his called highline fenders/low COG "lift". Gonna check tomorrow to see if you can even cut anything off the rears...
  5. J

    Treadwright tires anyone?

    :thumbsup::thumbdwn: I am researching the tires. I am looking for some 31's. I want a mud terrain as that's what I enjoy most as of now. That should change after awhile. It get's everywhere!!! I am looking at getting the sites version of either the BFG A/T or the MT/R...
  6. J

    Diff. Fluid Change HELP.

    I am going to change my diff fluids and try to extend my breather hoses. I am needing to know where I can find info on how to do this. I only found one thread, but it was about an 03 ex. How much fluid? I take the entire cover off for the rear one correct? How do I do the front one. Also need...
  7. J

    Dent to fix. Bondo or Fiberglass?

    I know search. Will do tommorrow, but in the mean time, I have a question. I was wheeling and my "buddy" kept pulling me when I was out enough. Here's a vid for what happened. The last jerk is when you can see my truck hit the tree! Tou can hear my exhaust in this too! Here's the dent. You...
  8. J

    Where to buy "built Ford Tough" decals.

    I've seen the Built Ford Tough stickers on some guys truck on here, but I can't find them on line. Where can I get them? Thanks in advance
  9. J

    Post pics of 1st gens with smoked tail lights.

    I know there are threads about this. I looked and they all seem to be of the 2nd gens or higher. Plus it's all about how to. I am looking for pictures of 1st gens that have blacked out/smoked tail lights! :D Thanks in advance and sorry if this is in the wrong thread.:salute: P.S.This site...
  10. J

    The troubled kids in America Today (got 2 arrested) Novel

    Before I start. This is a short, try to keep it short anyway, but true story about what happened to me tonight as I was out on a run. And how messed up our country is becoming. Parents beware. Your kids may not be the "angels" you all think they are. This is not meant to offend anyone and if it...
  11. J

    Front Hitch anyone?

    I saw this picture..I know it's a heep, but it's just for illustration purposes. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have seen explorers with them? Or do they even make front hitch for explorers. Thanks in advance. If not I am just going to go with a Kennesaw Mountain bumper front and rear.
  12. J

    Can I use ______ to temporarily fix the rear main oil leak?

    I just had a though....a while back I sliced a hole in the oil pan of my car and I used JB weld to fix it. Was supposed to be a temp fix, but drove that way for almost a year! I now have a 92 ex and the rear main seal is leaking....well as I'm sure you can tell from above what I'm gonna ask. Is...
  13. J

    Anyone run 31"-32" Maxxis Bighorns

    Was wondering if anyone on here has or has had either 31s or 32s of Maxxis Bighorns. On eBay there's not even a $20 difference between 4 31's and 4 32's. I am lifting my truck with warrior shackles and f150 coil spacers. So I figured I would/should go with the 31's. I still want room in the...
  14. J


    Sorry. Didn't know where to put "]it[/URL]. Got bored when at my dads house in the mountains. If that one didn't work try this one.
  15. J

    What can leak oil? Also axle capacities?

    I am wondering if the only thing under my truck that can leak motor oil is the....motor? Not the transmission or transfercase. The trans case and/or tranny leak a little red, but I think the rear main is leaking oil. Not sure though. Please help. I am going on a 200+ mile trip @ the end of...
  16. J

    will 87+ 2" lift springs work?

    I found a guy wanting to sell for $75 2" lift springs for an 87 and up ranger. Comes with alignment cams as well. Was wondering if they will work on my 92 ex?
  17. J

    New clutch!

    I FINALLY got my clutch installed. I started on Saturday! Two of the days were only small things though. Due to delays such as needing flywheel bolts and such. I am glad to have it in now. My old clutch was stiff as a board. Most likely because of the dark black fluid and chunky fluid in the...
  18. J

    Where to get flywheel bolts???

    :eek: In the process of reinstalling the flywheel I managed to shear off a flywheel bolt and stress at least 2 other ones! I have tried Advance auto parts, autozone, and NAPA. Also called 2 Ford dealers and only one said they could get them. One didn't even show them in their system. I am going...
  19. J

    3.73 Gears for sale

    I came across these last night. The guy only wants $75 for them. Was going to get them, but 4.11 would work better for what I'm going to do to to my truck. I told the guy I would put it on here for him. THEY ARE NOT MINE. Just doing him a favor. He has already said he'd ship it to me in...
  20. J

    Bought the good stuff

    Kinda pointless thread, but just bought warrior 153 shackles! Thought I would post that up here! I am stoked. I had bought the cheap ones from autozone and they bend like a twig first trip off-road! Not cool and now my rear end is out further on one side than the other. Although since it's...
  21. J

    What will this flasher do?

    I saw this on JCWhitney and am wondering if it will make my hazards flash like the cops cars do? Or is it just faster? If it's not. How do I make them flash like cops do?
  22. J

    Need Towhooks

    I need tow hooks on front and rear. I have screwed both bumpers up from pulling people out or getting my self pulled out. Mainly the latter. I have seen these type of tow hooks done on the front, but can't find a page that shows how to install. ie, which holes in the frame. Props to...
  23. J

    D44 will it work?

    Found this d44 with 4:11 gears in it. Wondering if it will work on my truck? and if so. How hard is it to install?
  24. J

    Where can I buy these tail light guards?

    I want to get some of these to go on my taillights. Do you know where I can get them cheaper than $100? Or do you guys have a pair I can buy? Thanks in advance.
  25. J

    How to make this a smiley?

    Not sure where I should post this so I am posting it here, but please move it to the appropriate place. I am wondering how to make this a smiley that moves? Maybe jumps or something crazy? Thanks.