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  1. dmc80

    HELP. Hopefully my cats are bad, because i just bought some

    99 xlt with 4.0 ohv. NO CEL idle is feeling funny, not searching, surging, or any of those, just different from normal. Exhaust has new sound i have never heard of before, getting exhaust smell in the car. Also, every time i try to accelerate it seems to hesitate. Recent plugs, wires, maf...
  2. dmc80

    more fuel capacity after body lift? WTF?

    I put a 2" body lift on and immediately ran it for gas on my test drive. Its a 99 ohv and somehow i put in just over 20 gal. I've never put in that much before. It freaked me out and i actually climbed under the truck at the gas station to see if it was pouring out somewhere. Has anyone else...
  3. dmc80

    Slow Coolant Loss

    I've read for hours and still cant figure it out. I have 99 v6 ohv and i'm loosing coolant. No leaking. I have checked around the heater control valve, temp sender, took off the bottom radiator shroud, I have looked everywhere to find no signs of loss. I have not done a compression test yet...
  4. dmc80

    Rear shocks. Anyone tried/seen these?
  5. dmc80

    Part time spare tire carrier?

    I want to carry a full size spare when i'm far from home and dont love the idea of a roof rack with a 32" tire on it. Understand this is a horrible drawing but could something like this be done with the hitch and some square tubing? Or would the weight of the tire when turning cause a problem...
  6. dmc80

    Spark plug wire help

    It seems the ohv has a design flaw so that my middle spark plug wire on the driver side always hits the metal egr tubing causing it to melt the wire. Is there something i can wrap around the wire to protect it? I have had to change it three times. I found some sleeves online but $35 for 4 is...
  7. dmc80

    Code Help

    I have codes po153 and p1151. I know they are both o2 codes but my upstream o2's are only a year old. Is there something i can check first before replacing them again. I'm on my 3rd maf sensor, 2nd iac in 160k.
  8. dmc80

    Which one of you did this?
  9. dmc80

    No recovery points?

    Chicago was hit with freezing rain last night so I got a call from my dad. His rear wheel drive Benz was backwards on the freeway exit ramp. So i showed up to save the day only to find out there is absolutely no where to attach a strap to without destroying the car. I have seen small cars...
  10. dmc80

    Ol' Faithful

    I am the proud original owner of my 99 xlt. It has survived two cross country moves, three kids, many late night beer runs and one head on tree collision. Although it is a two wheel drive it hasnt kept me from recently transforming it into something better than how i got it. My wife bought it...
  11. dmc80

    Unalignable? WTF?

    Took it in for an alignment and have 32x11.5's put on and they claim its unalignable because my lower ball joints are in too bad of shape. To top it off the 32's hit my upper control arm so i couldnt even put them on.
  12. dmc80

    Anyone runnin 32x11.5r 15?

    I was given(free) 32x11.5's and have 2wd with torsion twist and shackles. My concern is that on the front wheels it looks like the tire might hit suspension parts. Does anyone know if they will fit with stock size rims and not hit a ball joint or something?
  13. dmc80

    Adventures in Rattle Canning

    Last December I wrecked my explorer into a tree. Having owned it since new it was long paid off, i lowered my insurance because i was out of work. BIG MISTAKE. Had to fix it on my own. Found a great site for parts. ships out of illinois so i picked the parts up myself...
  14. dmc80

    air shocks

    I need new shocks. I have the shackle/TT and leaf spring helpers, but still have the sag. I do tow pretty often. I DONT have factory air ride,can i still get gabriel hi jackers and and air them up to get rid of sag? This may sound stupid but how are they filled?
  15. dmc80

    Touchy arguing please

    I have a 99 x 4.0. It has 157K on it that have all been put on by me. The trans fluid has not been changed at all. I know i'm not going to flush it, but what would be better, drop pan and change filter, or leave it alone. Fluid isnt red but def isnt as bad as motor oil, its somewhere in...
  16. dmc80

    longer shocks?

    i have a 99 xlt 2wd...did the shackle/TT lift and now i need new shocks. I found the procomps on sale and was wondering if i should get the stock length or the optional 3 in lift shocks. Does it matter or make any ground clearance difference
  17. dmc80

    Oh sh*t...Broken wheel stud

    :eek::While installing shackles and TT and 31's today, i broke a wheel stud. Passenger side rear. Can it be run like that? Dont have time to fix immediately. Its not on the highway often and not driven everyday. Will it hold awhile or do i have to park it.
  18. dmc80

    popping(Backfire?) only at start up WTF?

    99 4.0 ohv just replaced upper intake manifold gaskets, maf, iac, wires, coolant temp sens, and now i'm am getting a popping noise only in the first ten seconds after start up. Otherwise runs great. no cel. Stupid question but do motorcraft plugs go bad in under a year with only occasional...
  19. dmc80

    sh*tty idle problem

    I have read as much as i can on this but still hav'nt resolved..99 ohv already replaced plugs,wires, dpfe sensor and tubes, coolant temp sensor, pcv valve, replaced maf, and clean iac, had injectors cleaned. does the lower intake fix apply to the ohv's? its about the only thing i hav'nt done...
  20. dmc80

    Whats up

    Just joined today after reading hundreds of threads to help my continuous explorer issues, want to thank the many who have helped me already without knowing it:D