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    how far will tt lower the explorer

    what size tire are you runing?
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    IFab ripp off!

    Call the local PD where they are and file a report: Thay were kicked off Ebay
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    Am I wrong here? Please read and give me your opinion.

    I have on question why is it you did not file with PayPal. you would get your money back? Just a question.....
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    More Glass Roll Pans Info Here...

    I knew it was a matter of time..... LOL
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    More Glass Roll Pans Info Here...

    Smart :mattmoon:
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    My quest for 30 MPG - Ford Explorer Gas Mileage Tips

    I took a trip from MN to CA it was 2100 miles each way on one part of the trip I got 24 mpg that was the best. I averaged 20mpg with a low of 17mpg. The mods I have are Intake, exhaust and Mobil 1 synthetic,
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    There was great communication throughout the whole thing and the money was sent via paypal as quickly as possible. it was a pleasure to do business with him. would definitely recommend to others! Thank you,
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    Need donation Stock corner lights

    this is what I tried I cut along the back like you are thinking of doing and tried to pull it out it did not work so well so I used a punch and snapped the amber reflector and pulled it out a little at a time it took some time to do it but the end result was worth it I did this about 3 months...
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    SOA kit Questions

    Thanks Alec. I will call Superlift in the morning, I was going to get it welded after install. Thanks Again,
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    SOA kit Questions

    yes I did a search and all I found was ones that people have done them self's. I was looking for a kit, Thanks for the info,
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    SOA kit Questions

    Who makes a SOA kit that that will fit the Explorer? and how much lift should I expect to get with it? Thanks
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    2 wheel drive in to a 4 wheel drive

    has anyone changed a 99 Explorer 2 wheel drive in to a 4 wheel drive? Can it be done? Thanks for any help,
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    hud gauges for explorer

    Here is what thay sent me about them, We currently plan on having the basic HoloSportÒ HUD ready for general availability around January. It will be priced comparable to conventional gauges at MSRP of $486. We are working on getting distributors up and running. The basic system comes with...
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    lift from Pro Comp Questions

    quick question I'm looking at getting the Pro comp 3 lift comes with the spindles 1.5" add-a-leaf and 4 ES 3000 shocks.has anyone bout one of them? any info on this would be great are the pro comp shocks good shocks. Thanks for any help,
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    start of construction for 15, a 10, amp rack w. two batteries and maybe a screen

    Ok Ok!!! it is looking really good. It is nice to see all your hard work paying off. cant wait till I can get down there and check it out I bet is sounds really good.... Congratulations
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    I took the hose off and put it in the can.
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    start of construction for 15, a 10, amp rack w. two batteries and maybe a screen

    and there will be another layer of 1/2 mdf that isn't in there yet it will be plenty strong
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    Oops, Explorer swimming.

    are you still cleaning it out?
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    Oops, Explorer swimming.

    ok so where is the video of you getting pulled out??
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    Oops, Explorer swimming.

    I got to see this send it to
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    Service Manuals

    get the ford cd off ebay it will give you more info than you would ever want to know..
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    What Brand Plugs and Wires?

    I have Jacobs wires and Motorcraft Plat's.
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    Mountaineer grille and lights conversion complete

    ?? where can i find it
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    unique dual exhaust- what do you think?

    do you have a welder? let me know is you need help.