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    HELP!!! Drivetrain/Front End

    Ok, a quick run-down...about 4 years ago I twisted my torsion bars and put shackles in the back of my 1998 Explorer Sport (Auto, 4x4). I took it to get new tires about a week ago and got a phone call. I needed new upper ball joints (imagine that). I replaced the lower ball joints myself about...
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    HELP!!!Turns over and over but no start

    :( :( :( Ok long story short...2 months ago went outside to go to class my explorer would turn over but not crank later that day...cranked right up a few times in a row...the next day it wouldnt crank all day and cranked the next day. i took it to the sop and of course it cranked every time...
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    Fuel Filter

    Ideas...comments....suggestions......ive got the clips off of each side of the fuel filter and still cannot get the lines to come off any ideas?
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    Shocks for a Lifted 1998 Explorer Sport

    i have a 1998 explorer sport lifted 1 1/4 inches and i was wondering what shocks i need. any help is appreciated!
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    AC stays on when i turn off my ex?!?!?!

    Hey i hope yall can help me out....i made a trip down to the beach this weekend and was driving from panama city to destin....when i got to destin i turned off my explorer and the ac stayed on and on and on....i can turn it to the off position and it will still stay on until moved from the "max"...
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    Eclipse Sirius Satellite Radio Problem

    ok, here we go i've had my Eclipse 5435 since the day we got them in at work and i had contemplated getting the sirius tuner for it (the SIR-ECL1 that eclipse has been promising forever). It's been a few months and i hadnt sold one yet to really see how it would turn out, so i bought one friday...
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    Help Ball Joints!

    ok big problem i'm replacing the right lower ball joint and cant get the spindle off of the ball joint stud, ive given it heck, heated it too....any ideas
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    CRUNCH goes the X

    well tonight i was backing out from where my dad parked my ex(in the yard). I went to the right to miss a tree and CRUNCH! i immediately stopped to see what the heck i had hit i get out and to my suprise there sat my mom's suburban. my tail light initially hit right infront of her's and then...
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    4x4 problem? noise!

    I'm hearing a noise while in 4x4 hi and low it's almost like a grinding noise but not quite. I've changed the t-case fluid and it looked decent having not been changed for 87K miles. the noise is either coming from the t-case or the front diff. i cant really tell which the sound...
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    Hearing noises...AGAIN!

    ok, i got my timing chain tensoner replaced...comliments of "Mr. Ford" that cured the crazy rattling, now that it has gotten cold outside im hearing a squealing noise that seems to be coming from the front right....occurs only when the explorer is in motion and i can't hear it when im going...