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  1. K

    Who made this music video? Please Help!

    OK, I will suggest the Prodigy song to her. That one seems pretty close but I'm not sure... Keep thinking though! Blackbeaty - you feel our pain! Please post if you remember anything about the video
  2. K

    Who made this music video? Please Help!

    yeah, thats kind of the problem, she doesn'y know any of the words. Its driving us all nuts know. I was hoping someone might remember the video based on my description. It airs probably 2-3 years ago.
  3. K

    Who made this music video? Please Help!

    hey. I'm asking for a friend! Laugh away - I'm a Black Crowes fan :)
  4. K

    Who made this music video? Please Help!

    alternative genre kinda like Duran Duran maybe - all you see is people walking around, feet an such. Someone must know!!
  5. K

    Who made this music video? Please Help!

    Shown on MTV within the past few years. It shows just people below the knees, a guy breaking up with his girl, going to a bar, hooking up with a hooker, getting mugged. All I know is the lead singer is black... Anyone got any ideas?
  6. K

    What are you doing for New years?

    I'll be helping set up and set off a professional fireworks show on Sugarloaf Ski Resort! :)
  7. K

    Rockford Fosgate Slogan

    yer up by 10!
  8. K

    Anyone else have a LG VX6000 Camera Phone?

    I think the 6000 receives only digital signals. The 4000 or 4400 and the 5550 (what I have) are tri-mode phones which can still use an analog signal. This is a big plus is you live in a rural area like Maine (or upstate NY). That would probably explain your problem.
  9. K

    i guess people dont cause accidents, ford explorers do

    Local news just said that the driver was going in excess of 90 mph when she went to pass someone in the breakdown lane. She had a suspended license since 1998 and only 2 people were wearing seatbelts. Wicked smaht!
  10. K

    i guess people dont cause accidents, ford explorers do

    Huh, not too far from where I live....stupid drivers...
  11. K

    Help Me Pick a New Car..

    Get a 5.8l 95-96 bronco!
  12. K

    Full size broncos.

    Awww, you guys have Bronco envy!! I got rid of the X last fall and bought a 96 XLT with 60K miles. It has all the EB options except for the leather and overhead console. I'm planning on installing the console and I don't care for the leather. Its the black sport package which I think looks...
  13. K

    truck or what?

    I got a 96 FSB (XLT) last fall and I love it. I can't wait to take the top off this summer. I really liked my explorer and all but I'm seriously attached to the Bronco now. I would have liked an EB but I got a steal on this one, and it has under 70K miles. I plan on installing the overhead...
  14. K

    truck or what?

    OR buy a Bronco and never have this debate....
  15. K

    What big time group have you seen in concert?

    Bush Goo Goo Dolls AC DC Rusted Root Rustic Overtones Santana Foo Fighters Red Hot Chili Peppers Dave Matthews Black Crowes Strangefolk (anyone even know who this is??) Grateful Dead Assorted Others that I can't even remember!
  16. K

    Check out this F-250!

    I like this: "There are 4" wheel spacers at each corner to throw the tires out some more" :)
  17. K

    Help with Mouse Over Command On Website

    Could anyone help me with this? I have an image to use as my background. I want to insert an image into my background (a star) - this I can do. BUT...I want to make the star shine when you move the mouse over it (and I want it to be a link) I have both the images for the small star and the...
  18. K

    What cars will be restored in...say 2024?

    Howbout the Ford Bronco???
  19. K

    Anyone ever seen a UFO?

    I was driving home once and saw what looked like a street light floating over some hills in the distance. It was hard to judge if it was moving since I was driving but I turned off onto another road and it seemed to be in a different location. I found a place to pull over so I could actually...
  20. K

    Anyone ever seen a UFO?

    Lets hear about those close encounters!!
  21. K

    This or That?

    Motion of the ocean For ***** or for giggles?
  22. K

    This or That?

    Fruity Pebbles Spits or Swallows?
  23. K

    This or That?

    horsepower Tight or Loose?