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    Another I can't open the hood thread...

    Funny how i replied a few days ago and said mine hasnt rusted shut for a while. Well tonight it was rusted shut again! Luckily it didnt take much effort to open it. Since i got my mustang the explorer sits more than its on the road so i dont change the oil as often as i used to. :D
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    Another I can't open the hood thread...

    I had the same problem with mine a few years ago, it was rusted shut. Out of frustration i gave up and went to bed. On the way to work the next morning the hood unlatched itself while i was cruising down the highway. Got home and sprayed everything with WD40 and it hasnt happend since.
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    Hacking the Navigation System?

    I have a dash mount. Best thing about that is i can pull it out of my car and bring it with me and use it in another vehicle in seconds.
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    A miracle? Blown lower intake on a 1200 mile trip!

    I do demolition derbies and figure 8 racing. I buy plenty of junk cars with all kinds of leaks. I have been able to FIX all radiator leaks with Bars radiator stop leak and slowed down all oil leaks with their oil leak product. But then again i only need the cars to last a few hours during the...
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    spinning tires

    Put it in neutral, mash the gas to the floor for about 5 seconds, with your left hand wave at whoever is watching you and with your right hand throw it into gear.
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    fast car on its lid (video)

    He seemed pretty calm about it.
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    how badly did I break it?

    Thats why the only help i offer to people is to borrow my cell phone and call a tow truck!!!!
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    Flamethrower Exhaust

    waiting patiently for the show :)
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    Seat Recliner Bolt ?’s

    My friend works at a ford dealership and replaced my seat bolts after he installed new brakes. We compared the new bolts to the ones that were already there and the only difference was one bolt was shorter than the original bolt.
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    "Check Engine" light came one....

    Not sure if this will help but i did a search on google and found this Its for a windstar but could be the same???
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    hows this alarm sound?

    I have had Viper alarms in two other vehicles besides my explorer and have never had any problems, The oldest installation was over 10 years ago. The one in my explorer has remote start. With fresh batteries i am able to start it from across the parking lot in the comfort of my office in...
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    Best Performance Chip Available

    If you do a search you will find plenty of posts of gas millage with chips and HP numbers after being put on a dyno.
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    New 5.0L Headers are HERE!

    I cant find the subscribe to this thread button so here is my useless post just to keep updated!
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    Down Goes Tyson!!!

    I thought it was officially over when he was sent to prison.
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    What kind of headlight bulbs do you own?

    Well if you scroll back a few pages you will see that i bought my silverstar lights in November of last year ... well i noticed one of the headlights is out today. I have never had any lights die out this early SilverStars should be renamed SilverSh*t.
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    The cost of a simple little plastic insert, OMG!!!

    I took mine from the dealer parking lot a few years ago. Then i accidentally threw them away because they were stuck to the bottom of my cups. Didnt notice until i got home.
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    Keyless entry gone wild!

    Have you tried it anywhere other than your driveway? You could have a neighbor with a satalite dish or antenna trying to speak to mars screwing up radio frequencies. Especially with the fact that it worked at the dealer. A guy who lives a few streets down from me was ordered by the city to...
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    Crash Video

    Not sure if this has been posted here already but this crash happens during the filming of a TV commercial. You need to have your sound turned on to hear the crash and the camera man's frantic screams.
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    As i stated a few pages back i compete in demolition derbies and i always rented uhaul trailers to tow my car to the track. I called Taylor rental yesterday (another big chain) and asked if they had car trailers and they said yes. Then my second question was do you rent to explorers. You...
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    V8 Engine/Drivetrain Vibration

    Mine seems to do the same thing at the same speeds but not all the time. Let me know if you ever find what it is. I thought maybe it was just vibration from my exhaust or something but it didnt do it when i first got it installed. I dunno.
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    help with hatch doorlock

    Mine just recently started doing the same thing. Each time i turned off my alarm it would make that sound. I just pulled the cover off and disconnected it and use the key now. ill get it fixed eventually. How much was the actuator?
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    5.0 V8 come without AWD?

    I dont care what anyone says ... you may get a v6 to keep up with a v8 but it will never sound like a v8.
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    Digital prints from

    Just wondering if any of you have used any online photo printing companies. I usually try not to make many purchases online but i figured what the hell ... I recieved my prints from today and the prints came out perfect and were only 18 cents a print with flatrate 99 cent shipping...
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    Sony deck, why all the hate?

    Its all a matter of opinion. If you are going to buy it no matter what who cares what anyone says? Judge for yourself. I have been in two seperate automobiles (one of them being my own) that had amps fry and spark up pretty bad and both times the volume was no where close to cranked.