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    Battery Issues - Fuse Question

    Let me preface this post by saying that I know next to nothing about car audio. I'm just taking a stab in the dark with this post as I'm trying to troubleshoot intermittent battery issues. Here is what I'm dealing with: 2004 Ford Explorer Kinetic HC1800 battery Pioneer HU w/ Boston...
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    Question Regarding Interior Light & Battery Drain

    I have a 2004 Explorer and one of the overhead interior lights (just above the dashboard area) that you click on manually has blown out. Since it's blown out I cannot tell if the switch/button is in the ON or OFF position. My question is if the light is blown out, and the switch/button is in...
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    2004 Explorer - Beeping Noise When Opening Door - Help Please

    2004 Ford Explorer XLT 90,000 miles Within the last several months I have noticed that intermittently there will be a beeping noise / tone that occurs when opening my door to enter the vehicle. I want to say the duration is about 3 beeps long (not positive on that). I tried referencing...
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    3rd gen pic's

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    New updated pictures

    Those rims look pretty sleek.. I like them... What's the make/model?
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    Ford Explorer 22" Rims

    Is that your ride? If so, can we saw some larger high res pictures? Looks pretty damn sleek.
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    3rd gen pic's

    Looks great.. I like :thumbsup: !
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    Anyone ever see/use this?

    Hmmm I have a 2004 XLT and the front end around the grill area looks different than the image provided above...
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    Beautiful Exhaust Setup

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    Anyone ever see/use this?

    Which model Explorers is this part meant for?
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    Beautiful Exhaust Setup

    omg I need to see side profile pictures of this Ex please!
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    Anyone ever see/use this?

    How do they install and do them come in black? :)
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    Wheel Suggestion For Others - Panther 519 Vector

    I almost purchased these for my 2004 XLT but opted for another set of Zinik wheels... Figured I'd mention them if anyone was looking for wheel suggestions, I think they look really sharp on an Ex... They run about $220 a piece: (please note this is not my Explorer, images from cardomain)
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    After 5 months, still have problem w/balancing

    Got any pics of your buddies H2 with the 30's?
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    Painted 17" Wheels

    Have you been pulled over much?
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    3rd gen pic's

    Thanks: 20" Zinik Z26 Vieri (Black w/ Chrome Inserts) & Yokohama Parada Spec-X tires (255/50/R20) Cheers! I've since removed the sticker (was fading) but I still bleed blue! :cool:
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    Stock Rims

    I have 2004 XLT 17" alloys and the factory BF Goodrich tires on them with a little bit of tread left... A friend of a friend inquired about them and my asking price is $250.00 for the set...
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    Fair Asking Price For 2004 XLT Factory Alloys + Wheels?

    Thanks guys, your suggestions are right in the ball park of what I was thinking...
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    Fair Asking Price For 2004 XLT Factory Alloys + Wheels?

    An associate of a friend has contacted me regarding purchasing my 2004 XLTfactory 17" alloys & factory wheels (55K miles)... What would be a fair asking price for these? I'm checking Ebay and see people selling individual factory wheels from anywhere between $100-$175 a piece... Don't want to...
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    3rd gen pic's

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    3rd gen pic's

    2004 XLT w/ new wheels & tires.
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    HELP - Tire Air Intake Cap Is STUCK

    Thanks guys.... I stopped by a Tire place by work today and they said it would be about $12 to have the valve stem replaced... Is it true they likely won't have to remove the tire and rebalance?
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    HELP - Tire Air Intake Cap Is STUCK

    I'm not real handy/technical with vehicles... Is that something my mechanic would be able to handle or if I took the tire to a wheel & tire shop?
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    Brake Dust - Chrome Wheels

    What types of brushes/tools are safe to use for removing brake-dust from chrome wheels? I've tried a bunch of different cleaning products and various towels/rags but I really need to get in there and scrub with some type of firm brush because the brake dust and road grime is not budging...
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    HELP - Tire Air Intake Cap Is STUCK

    Gah... Got in there with 2 sets of pliers and no luck... The cap is distorting and bending and it's not budging.... Do I have any other options other than ordering a new Tire? :mad: