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  1. HSlough

    Factory wire Looms

    I know this is a stupid question but does anybody know where I can find the factory spark plug wire looms to go into the valve covers in various places on the motor to Route the spark plug wires
  2. HSlough

    Ecoboost first Gen?

    Has anyone thought of putting an ecoboost from a new mustang in a first gen? Taking about bad!
  3. HSlough

    who makes this wheel!?

  4. HSlough

    flexplate ?

    Did the Later 8 bolt flex plates on the ohv motors have a spacer on them like the 6 bolt early models did?
  5. HSlough

    99 short block with tm93 Heads?

    guys I really need your help I have a 99 short block and I'm wanting to use the heads off of my 93, will that require me having to run 93 octane all the time. I'm aware that the early models had a different compression ratio then the later ones did or at least a combination of the heads made the...
  6. HSlough

    manual automatic hubs?

    My 04 F250 has the switch on the dash but if for some reason it doesn't work you can get out and manually switch the hubs does anyone make this option for the first gens?
  7. HSlough

    Hylift vs Sealed Power lifters?

    Can anyone say one way or the other?
  8. HSlough

    Part number question

    can can anyone give me the part numbers for the competition cams 422 and 410 cams and the 988 Springs and what else is involved with putting these combinations on tm95 heads on an early model 90-94 short block. once the heads are assembled can I just bolt them down and not have to worry about...
  9. HSlough

    Hylift Johnson?

    Has anyone used these lifters? I ordered Sealed Power HT2244s for a refresh project from Amazon and got these? They're labeled B2244 are they any good?
  10. HSlough

    rocker assembly question

    Are the rocker assemblies the same on a 93 vs 99?
  11. HSlough

    Wanted 2nd gen eddie bauer fender flare set

    I'm wanting to put these on a first gen and I'm having hard time finding a good set
  12. HSlough

    interior seats and console question

    will the interior will the interior seats of a 99 go in a 93 Explorer and will a center console fit as well
  13. HSlough

    I Beam Question

    Will 1999 I beams work on a 1993 ex? I'm looking to do some cut and turn beams and a friend of mine is parting out a 99.
  14. HSlough

    15x10s on 33s

    I know I know that there's people out there running this combination I would just like to see some pics of your first gen's with 33s on it on a 15 by 10 inch wheel if you guys could help so I can have an idea what I'm looking at
  15. HSlough

    motor vibrations 2300- 2700 rpm

    I'm having what sounds like motor vibrations under acceleration between 23 and 2700 RPM it could be under heavy acceleration or light acceleration when it gets in that sweet spot it sounds like the motors having issues anybody know what this might be or where to start looking?
  16. HSlough

    Giant Motorsports Front Suspension

    Have any of you guys tried the giant Motorsports front suspension for the Explorers it looks really good I was curious if anybody on the forum had tried their suspension, how hard was it to put on, what was the fit-and-finish like and how does it perform.
  17. HSlough

    Third party posting?

    How can I fix my account to allow viewing of third-party pictures
  18. HSlough

    valve lash?

    Is it possible to set valve lash on the 4.0 ohv. If so please explain. I'm use to adjustable rockers or poly locks. What gives?
  19. HSlough

    Bushwacker Fender Flares?

    does anyone have a set of these they are taking off I'm looking for a set and they're virtually impossible to find.
  20. HSlough


    Has anyone on here used the lifters sets that you can buy on eBay for the first gen 4.0
  21. HSlough

    best shackles for lifting rear?

    Whats the best route to go when lifting the rear of a first gen 4 to 5 inchs?
  22. HSlough


    Earth explore with either a 4 inch or 5 & a half inch lift have any pics of that vehicle versus a stock height vehicle with 33 1250 s on it just curious I know it's a crazy question but any help would be appreciated
  23. HSlough

    Lift Laws?

    Anyone know anything about the lift laws in VA?
  24. HSlough

    4.0 top 300hp?

    Can the 1st gen 4.0 top 300 hp? Curious what this motor can do, Ive been told there is just no hope for this that its as good as it gets from the factory.
  25. HSlough

    4 inch lift?

    Guys I'm curious, which lifts are considered the best in quality and performance. And I would also like to know which ones will give the best bang for the buck? Also which ones will yield the best ride over the black top?