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    Crap....Ignition is LOCKED!!! Help!!!

    used my key pad to get in and the ignition key to start this morning and the ignition is locked. The key will not turn it either is in I tried my other key..same deal. I know my fobs are acting up and I have to program them every once in a while, but this is the first...
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    will it work?

    In my vehicle I have the model with the cassette,single cd and 6 disk changer with the steering wheel controls...I need to replace it as the single cd is buggered and am wondering if I need to put the same one back in or can i use one without the cassette and just the single cd? Sorry I lost the...
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    so, what's next? (repairs)

    I have 207000kms now...on my 98. it's going in tomorrow to have the rear brakes/pads, rotors and both ebrake cables done..but the real kick in the teeth $ wise is the front upper and lower ball joints and control arms. Ouch. My mechanic (good guy,perfectionist and hard to work for because of...
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    thinking of buying one

    I am considering a 04 ish sport trac (or a full size f150 supercrew)to replace my explorer and am looking for some real world feedback on the sport trac... I like the xlt premium package but up here all I can get with that (04 models anyway) is the 4.10...I do a fair amount of highway travel...
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    plugs and wires recommendations ( I did search!)

    I have done a bunch of reading on a wack of posts on the topic but nothing really jumped out at me. Does anyone have a suggestion as to type of plugs and wires to get (ie. Bosch, NGK, Champion, Motorcraft etc) I am not sure if I can get autolite up here in Canada. I am also assuming that...
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    front end rotational clunk

    I've been up early researching and to no avail....last night in the next town away, heading home with the family and a truck load (birthday gifts and costco!) I hit the highway and a short time after getting to speed I started to get a prounced thumping....out of the front end..I thought I had a...
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    stabilizer bar link and bolt replacement

    I have to replace my driver's side stabilizer bar link and's broken...or at least seperated at the top (the bolt is gone...sheared off) i replace both sides or not worry too much about the other side if its intact? thanks...
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    Which year and model to upgrade to...

    I have a 98 ltd ex 6 cyl sohc w/4wd NOT awd that is getting a little long in the tooth and am considering moving newer...(as in 2002-2004ish). I am not sure if I should look for the 6 or 8 cyl variations...the awd...etc. Any feedback as to what to look for and avoid would be great! I don't plan...
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    parking brake lights?

    with the ignition "on", not started, are the rear parking/brake lights meant to come on? I have seen conflicting answers to this question, and is this different when the vehicle is running? This is all coming to a head after I replaced the daytime running light module, as the parking brake...
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    how to replace the daytime running light module?

    I have to replace the daytime running light module...the wire is easy to get at and unplug but the module itself looks like a PITA to get out..any ideas on an easy removal ???...or should I just use some self tapping sheetmetal screws and mount the new one where I can.
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    removing the DRM

    I have to replace the daytime running light module...the wire is easy to get at and unplug but the module itself looks like a PITA to get out..any ideas on an easy removal ???...or should I just use some self tapping sheetmetal screws and mount the new one where I can.
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    location of daylight driving light module?

    I have a rough idea but if anybody could be a little more specific that would be great. I believe it is behind the drivers side front of the wheel.
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    daytime lights running on full power highbeam

    I know that the daytime lights run off of the high beams but at lower the high beam light indicator is on in the dash and they are at full power. this happens when the auto lamp is on and when i turn the headlights knob to on, the highbeam light goes off ...also after a while of...
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    coolant smell in the cab

    Hi there...winter has hit hard and I have noticed a few times that when the heater is on (climate control/automatic) I am getting a pretty good wiff of coolant inside my cab. I have no leaks that I can see....coolant level appears ok. Is this the first signs my heater core is going kaput?
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    fuel pump just died...what's next?

    After 178k kms my fuel pump died...stranding me with my 2yr old daughter, 2 week old son and dog...not the greatest circumstances but I am glad it was me not my wife and in town. Anyway, I'm not moaning about the pump...things do wear out. BUT what i am more concerned about is the nagging...
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    starting issues.

    I did a search without much luck so here goes: just recently my truck started NOT starting right up on first crank. Ever since I had the truck it fired up right away on the first crank..even when really cold out. NOW it takes a second try and sometimes a third (and turning the key to start for...
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    remote open/fob keeps dying....

    My remote fob keeps dying on me (about once a month) reprograms no problem but I don't know the root cause of the issue. I have tried new batteries..that doesn't help...also, I can only get one of my two fobs to program. Any ideas?
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    Replace the tranny?

    I have a 87 5spd v6 4x4 (199 000kms) with a tranny that is growling in and 1, mechanic figures it's the input (or output ?) shaft the problem I have is do I replace the tranny before it fails and leaves me DOA...or ride it out. I am looking at selling it but OI would feel...
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    electrical/solenoid gremlin

    I am getting a weird electrical/solenoid click from my engine bay at idle. Something is cycling on/off. The engine rpm's drop about 200rpm, the volt guage takes a dip as well when this cycling and loud click happens. It is not the ac cycling on/off...and after the 1-2 second dip the engine...
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    Front Brakes: How long a job for rotors and pads?

    I have all the parts but no time to do the job myself as I intended. I have a mechanic I trust and was planning on getting him to do the labour for me.. ie a "cash job" long should it take a good mechanic to replace the front pads and rotors. I want to offer him cash but don't want to...
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    Brake parts source...

    I have found an on line/ebay brake parts source that I am going to try out. Price was great...when I get them in I will let you guys know the performance... This is what the guy had to say "Lomandi is a Vancouver BC based company specializing in kevlarmetalic brake pads and rotors made to...
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    start using 10w 30?

    I am about to hit the magic 100k mark on my 98 ( 160000kms here in Canada). Should I consider moving to 10w vs 5w due to the higher mileage?
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    brake rotors....regular or slotted ?

    I need to replace my front rotors and am considering slotted....but they are quite a bit more $$$ are they worth the extra dough or are quality standard rotors "good enough" ? (also, do they need to be done in sets of rears are still in good shape) thanks....
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    Yikes throttle flap freezing open!!!

    in cold weather ( -10 c ) and the vehicle's engine ('87 2.9 V6) has warmed up once I start driving the throttle flap sticks/freezes open ( revving the engine up to 3500-4500rpm depending on how wide open it is frozen..making driving on icy road a real treat). I believe it is from the cold air...
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    wiper fluid jets...

    before I bugger them there a way to aim them higher up the windshield...currently 90% of the spray hits the bottom 1/4 of the windshield and gets mostly swept away by the down stroke. Other vehicles that I have owned I was able to use a large pin the re aim...