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    2016 ecoboost sport is a turd

    So I've had my explorer sport for two years now and we just hit 34k miles. It's been a complete nightmare with issues related to sync, remote start, tire wear, transmission rebuild @ 28k miles, AWD system grenade @30k miles and now I'm getting issues with sync again lol... This car has been a...
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    Coyote engine swap

    I’ve been a gear head all my life and frankly I’m getting bored. It seems like we have so many performance SUVs on the market and Ford is grossly misrepresented. I currently have a ‘16 sport and I was looking for information on swapping out the engine for a modular coyote engine. Has anyone...
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    2016 Explorer Sport Jerking/Stall Cabin oil smell

    It’s running fine now but occasionally the car does the stutter and jerk before catching gear and going. On the comes and goes. The dealership people noticed it but had no answers and people in parking lots, notice it as well. No codes or’s baffling. For instance, last...
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    Treadwear Issue with Ventus S1 Noble 2 Hankooks

    I actually switched after running through mine in under 24k miles..I switched to Pirelli's and the ride quality has improved a little bit. I do a lot of traveling throughout the state of Texas and AZ/LA for work. The wet traction was an issue with my Hankoks but after switching to Pirelli's..The...
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    2016 Explorer Sport Jerking/Stall Cabin oil smell

    Hey guys/girls..Newbie here with an ongoing issues related to my 16' Explorer sport...Over the past year, we've experienced some hesitation and jerking while starting from a dead stop and accelrating. Just last month my wife was heading home from her appointment and she was cruising on the...