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    Reading voltage on inertia switch

    I have been told I should use a test light or analog reader to test the power to my inertia switch. I have located the switch, but I am not sure what to do next. any help will be appreciated as I have little knowledge of wiring but am a quick study and can follow directions. there is a pink...
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    Help!! Explorer left me stranded

    Ok here is the story...I drove her about 40 hiway miles no problem...I dropped of a friend and shut the vehicle off for about 2-3 minutes I restarted and went to take off and it was like I wasnt getting any I turned it off and restarted it and then it was fine for about a mile or so and...
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    Herculiner ? Should I put running Boards back on?

    Hello. I am new to body work so please bear with my stupid question! I am having alot of rust pop up at the line where my running boards are. I would like to sand this rust off and put in some type of herculiner or something similiar. My question is this, after herculiner is on can running...
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    Belt tensioner pulley fell apart

    If its not one thing, its another. i was having trouble getting my truck started and after determining a battery cable problem i got the thing started but then discovered that serpentine belt had stopped moving and was running strictly running on battery power. Not Good! So I got to looking...
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    94 Ltd How to change positive battery cable

    Hello I have diagnosed my vehicle as needing a new positive battery cable. I am no mechanic but can read directions very well. Is there someone who could tell me exactly how to replace this? Any help is appreciated. :)
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    1994 4WD LTD Cant put my finger on it

    Awhile back i posted here because i thought I may be having some transmission problems. I have not had money to take it anywhere and have just been driving it to the minimum. But recently it has started doing weird things. First off it goes into reverse and drive fine. When I first get...
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    Problem with 94 auto tranny, I think!

    Hello I am hoping someone here can help me. I have recently purchased a 1994 explorer LTD with auto transmission. It is slow to engage when put into gear and seems that when it does go into gear it goes in hard. It is sluggish and you need to accelerate all the way to the floor to go from 45...