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    HELP! Game over for my 94???

    I agree with the man who said, "get a junk-yard tranny, it's cheaper than a car payment".........people trade their cars off usually because something's wrong with them......especially with a baby coming along, U R gonna need that 'car-payment-money' for baby things....:)
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    Whom do you trust the least?

    I once knew a mechanic who would intentionally screw something up when doing maintenance on people's cars so he had repeat customers.......he did it so well no1 else could fix it, you had to bring it back to him to make it run right........he'd leave a vaccuum hose just loose enough to leak...
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    Who Killed The Electric Car?

    There were fully electric cars around in 1918.....
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    AWD explorer as hot rod chassis...

    13th of Oct. 2007 ------ do you have anymore pix yet??.... dying to see progress...... :)
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    A puddle at 4:00am .....

    If you would have had 'the old steelies' (wheels) on there wouldn't have been any problem hitting a damned puddle......
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    what oil?

    I would just use a good brand of 10w30 and change it every 2-3,000 miles....I try to keep mine changed as close to 2,000 as possible. :) {my 1994 Ex. Limited only has 85,000 miles on it :)}
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    Found out the fastest way to drain your oil

    You're lucky mate, my ears wouldn't have heard the splashing noise :)
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    Vote for your favorite slogan...

    Hmmm.......all I got when I clicked on this link is "This domain is for sale"
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    Mach 1 wrecks....OUCH!!

    Did any1 notice this thread began nearly 3 YEARS AGO?
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    any thoughts

    I'd fix it, just my opinion...........the question you need to ask yourself is, just how much do I like this X, don't ya' think?
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    Mom and Pop Muffler Shops

    They do the work however you tell them to do it.......where you been boy? 1994 Explorer Limited Edition side-exit dual exhaust (good old Cherry Bombs)
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    Darn Kids!! :)

    Hell yes, just get a decorative steering wheel ' elbow grease' required to put one on :)
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    Heads Up! LMC catalogue now available for explorer!

    Only if you don't have a 1st gen. Ex. :)
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    91 Exp XLT 4x4 Dual Exhaust PLEASE HELP

    I went to a exhaust shop to have my work done :) Dual-out from the engine back, just cut the 'y' pipe & made two pipes, 1 per side, ya' know, REAL DUALS...... :)......good old Cherry Bombs :)... out to sides at the ends of the running boards :)
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    Such a Hippocrite

    Hmmm......"flat-billers" huh?.......only in America.....:)
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    show off your LIFTED truck

    Whoa, is that a flathead Ford mill in your 'other toy' ? I haven't seen any1 use 1 of those 4 ages........Cool !
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    My Girlfriend Is Getting HUGE!

    LMAO ........ "grow-a-girlfriend" :) :)
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    What kind of vehicle is this? (Aussie help needed)

    It could be a Holden possibly.....or Aussie Chrysler.... or....
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    15.9 Mpg

    WTF is the difference mate? U that particular or what?
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    Chester Endo

    Well, at least he did a good job of f - ing it up :).....glad no1 was hurt tho'
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    What kind of vehicle is this? (Aussie help needed)

    Go to Google, go to images, type in Mazda Tribute & look at 1 for yourselves guys :)
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    What kind of vehicle is this? (Aussie help needed)

    It sure appears to be a Mazda Tribute to me, they are not an Escape btw, but Mazda's (FORD)Explorer ......Mazda also has chrome bumpers and the chrome grille surround and chrome badge surround :) with a blacked-out grille.
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    Some photoshop fun

    I think the rims & hood scoop look good! :) I just don't like 'bug catchers' much :(
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    Pic's of your ride

    pics of ur ride When you say, "here's my baby" do U mean the X or the brunette with long hair, eh? :):)
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    31's on the front and 32's on the back?

    If U have 4wd, it will mess gearing up enough it could do was said tho' , if 2wd no difference much ....may cofuse your computer somewhat :)