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    Going to replace head gasket, tips/parts??

    I'm finally going to be replacing my right (drivers side) head gasket and the lower intake... been leaking lots of coolant and now without the rad cap on shes a pouring. Looking for any tips or parts needed. new manifold bolts, head bolts, exhaust donut?? (if any), head gasket, lower...
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    Repairing plastic crack... stupid mistake

    Well I'm trying to fix this moulding for the driver piller that I cracked while replacing the windshield on a customers car tonight. It's not no high end car or something special so I don't want to have to replace this with a new one if I can make the plastic look some what good, if I cant...
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    4405 T-case thump... More then normal

    I'm just wanting some info guys..98-99 ford expedition I had this customer about 2 months ago, and the t-case was engauging like crazy. So, another mechanic says get new t-case. (I can't convince him that its not the problem, im just a "apprentice") So it gets changed, and seems so be...
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    I'v got a ticking noise of some sort, where to start

    Well I'm not expecting to find my exact problem right now, but just want to get some ideas as to my ticking im hearing. When the noise is present; Under load WOT in high rpm. Could be going 20 kph, hit the throttle and about 35-4000 rpm I start hearing a fast ticking(with a rattle??)...
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    Amp remote

    I installed a stereo system in a 04 superduty last weekend and the only thing missing was his amp remote, The bass isn't loud at all. I connected it right from the factory HU and even with the bass maxed on the amp and hu it still doesn't pound. I haven't done a stereo system for about 2...
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    Hammer chipping, metal in skin

    I'm sure everyone has had this happen to them lots, I have But this time it got me good, right in my thumb muscle.. Hammering out a u-joint at work and got hit. I dont have time to wait at the hosiptal so I'm putting my life in your hands, lol... who still has the metal under their skin...
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    Average temp of AC

    I recharged my ac at work today, but only saw 13C about 59F I'm just wondering how others 97 explorers are running... I know iv dont AC's where I got 0, -1C but they were dodge
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    What are some good lights to buy for lighting the garage I just spent $60 on some flood lights, thought it woudl really brighten the garage..well it only shoots donw a spot beam, looks like a fancy girly mans garage now I just want a light buld type
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    Check for dog tracking

    Well I cant seem to find why my explorer is pulling hard to the right, tires arent showing no were beside a little cupping. Did anyone ever measure for dog tracking befor? where did u measure from and how did you adjust the tow in is perfect
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    Gas mixed with diesel

    So we get a call from a kid who works at a gas station and he said he filled up a jobbers truck with gas instead of diesel, thank god he told the owner befor he drove away and blew the engine. Anyways, now we have $250 of gas sitting in a 45 gallon drum outside out shop I'm tempted to fill...
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    Cell phone pictures

    I bought a new cell phone lastweek and im starting to find new things on it. But I was wonder if I could send pictures over the phone even tho i dont have text messaging. Anyone know? its a motorola krzr I got some good fishing coming up soon and I want to be able to show off the big one
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    Blew my fuse..need a bigger wire?

    Well I had a smalled system in my explorer about 5 years ago with a 8 gauge power wire becasue it was 1000 watts. If I put a bigger fise in you thing its really going to matter, I put in my old amp last month thats 1000watts connected to my 2000watt woofers I would think that it wouldnt...
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    "Death wobble" got me going 130kmp

    We I now know the importance of making sure all the air is out of the powersteering. I changed my inner tierod and after adjusting toe in I took it on the highway, I did one or two pumps on the steering wheel becasue I could feel that air was in the system. Well I passed a truck and their...
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    4X4 not working slow

    Well I took off my 4x4 motor and it seems fine and played around with the shaft then slapped everything back together and now I can hear the transfer case going into 4hi and low. But my front wheels arent turning most of the time, I had it on stands and spun it and the front wheels only...
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    4x4 doesnt work...relay??

    Last month I brought my explorer to the shop when i was done work and took apart the dash and seat and started tracing wires for breaks and nothing was found that i could find. I used the computer for wire digrams and the only thing I could thing of is the relay or switch isnt working. I...
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    Which cologne's you use?

    Well I'm getting tired of my colognes so I thought i'd see what others use. Maybe you got different types for work, dinner, partying....and the chick magnet,lol iv been using Ferrari Black and HUGO-Hugo Boss
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    Kenwood headunit...eq settings

    Does anyone know how to change the eq setting on a kenwood hu without the remote? I can change the presets but those are crappy..I dont really know why type of HU it is but hears a picture. I gave in lastnight and bought 2 mtx subs in box well here a photo of the hu, maybe someone knows...
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    Will f-150 spings work?

    I'm wondering if anyone has used F-150 rear springs in their explorer sports? It would be from a 1987 ford
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    PWR Steering pump..97 same as 87?

    I have a 302 engine I'm rebuilding and remembered I had a extra powersteering pump, its from a 1987 ford F-150. My 1997 explorers steering is really still and has some easy spots when turning and warm days is fine. I took a glance at my X's pump and so far everything looks the same on the...
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    4x4 not working...Brown wire mod?

    Well I did the brown wire mod last year, But I had a problem a couple of months ago where my truck wouldn't start and I heard the tranny module clicking so I cut a wire ( I think ) but it still wouldn't start...corroded battery cables, lol Like I said, I think I cut the brown wire somewhere...
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    Snap-on's going to loose a customer

    Well I bought a impact gun yesturday from the snapon guy, which was suppose to be hear 2 weeks ago so I had to pay full price. Well my other gun crapped out a month ago so I bought a new one, well iv had problems with it all day. First I wrapped off a cuple of motor mounts and tried switching...
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    No start

    Well this morning I went to move my brothers explorer and it didnt start, boosted the battey with mine and still nothing, shot my batter in it and still nothing. But i keep hearing a ticking sound, and i remembered i heard that sound befor, so i took apart my dash and disconnect that control...
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    Burnt fluid and metal shavings

    Well this isnt for a explorer, but a jeep. I changed a tranny at work on a jeep, the owner bought a second hand one. well when i swaped it out at work and tried it out and ran fine, excpect for the dust shield grinding a bit, but i fixed that. Well my boss gets a call the next day that he...
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    Bought a 87 F-150

    Well I just bought a 1987 F-150 XL for $1900. Its a 5.8L 351cid 4 speed. Its a beater truck and is going to replace my explorer. It's my first stick shift but i have droven alot of manuals befor. My question is: Why is it when I start the truck in 1st I can take off fine, but i cant shift...
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    It never stops.

    Well im stick of throwing money into this truck..I replaced 3 tierods and one more to go, which is bad...but tonight i was looking for my PCV valve and noticed that my boot for the steering shaft was gone, so i gave it a wiggles and heard a knocking noise which for so long i thought it was my...