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    2002 ford explorer front washer circuit fix?

    Got the dreaded front windshield washer pump not working. But pump is fine at the bench. Strange electrical diagnostic behavior: probing with a 'power probe' connected to the battery poles and probing the pump connector whilst pushing the washer button on the wiper stick changes one of the...
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    2002 expedition fuel gauge starts then drops to empty

    I Haven't seen this posted exactly. When I turn the ignition or start the car the fuel gauge usually goes up to where it should but then soon drops to empty and the 'check gauge' light comes on. Now it is harder to get it to go up by turning ignition on or starting the car, having to try...
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    2002 ford explorer right front lock won't lock after 'ajar' sensor removal

    After diagnosing the 'door ajar' issue to the front passenger sensor which would not close the circute, I chose to jumper the connector for it for now which did solve to door ajar issue. However, even though both the manual door lock and the electric lock actuator appear to work fine, the door...
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    2002 ford explorer v6 xlt drivetrain thumping

    Hello, Besides some other tranny work I'm about to do, I've developed an intermittent thumping. It started after driving on a smaller spare tire, now replaced. The thumping occurs at higher speeds, 40+) particularly while decelerating without breaking. once started it tends to stay on a while...
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    4R55 transmission p0775 error AJ1E OD servo fix?

    Hello, I'm posting to get fresh replies and to see if using the AJ1E OD servo replacement actually works. I have a 2002 ford explorer 4L v6 225K ish miles. Now getting a p0775 error, flashing OD light, 1-2 shifting delay/flair. I've read about the housing wear around the OD servo shaft and...