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    4.0 SOHC used engine compatability?

    I need to get an engine for my 2002 4.0 by 8th Vin is E. What's my options?
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    Overheated Explorer, need help or engine

    This is what happened with my 02 XLT & now might need a new engine. I was a idiot, I forgot I had only water in my radiator. It was about 10 degrees below zero with the wind! I started my truck (02 XLT 4.0 V6) and was waiting for the heat to come on. It never did so I just drove it about 5...
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    Loss Of Power Engine Stutter

    Think it might be o2 sensor or clogged cat?
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    Overheated... Now dead!

    Old post here but I have the same problem. I was a idiot, I forgot I had only water in my radiator. It was about 10 degrees below zero with the wind! I started my truck (02 XLT 4.0 V6) and was waiting for the heat to come on. It never did so I just drove it about 5 min down the road. Meanwhile...
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    How to prime a timing chain tensioner?

    Watch "Priming Timing Chain Tensioners 4 0 SOHC Engine" on YouTube I just saw this video cause im changing both my tensioners, 02 xlt. Figured I'd post that here for everyone.
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    Engine Removal on 2002 Explorer

    I have a 2002 4.0 V6. I think I might have to pull mine & put in a donor. Any other helpful links out there?
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    2003 Blower motor resistor replacement (easy way)

    I changed this on mine last year & it burnt out in about a week. Back to only working on number 4. Any suggestions as to what to do next? I believe all the fuses are OK.
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    Squeak from pully?

    I also have a squeak that recently is going on, I think it's because the change of weather with it getting colder. I'm going to change the serpentine belt cause it's about 5 years old then if it's still squeaking, I'll change the pully or the tensioner. I prefer to change the belt instead of...
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    Serpentine Confusion

    855K6MK is the correct type!
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    2003 Mountainer Front Diff

    They aren't that hard to change. The gear ratio sticker might still be attached to yours but if not there's a door code or just give the vin to the dealer & they can tell you which is the correct kind you have.
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    Ford Explorer 2003 Puddle Light Replacement

    So what bulbs are you guys using besides the original? Definitely need to upgrade to a LED to get that bright.
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    Puddle light on 03 Explorer

    What bulb are you guys using & anyone have any pics if they redid the plastic under the light?
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    Repair Manual

    I just signed up, I'll give it a look when they accept me. Thank you
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    Air Bag Code #34

    I'm thinking of cutting the connections under the seat & putting new connectors there. That might be the fix instead of cleaning the connections & playing around with them espically when the new pretensioner is doing the same thing.
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    Air Bag Code #34

    I've had the same problem for a while now. I disconnected the wires under the seat, sprayed them all & reconnected them. The light went out for a few minutes then came right back on. I got another pretensioner from another 02 explorer and same thing, the light comes on & doesn't go off!
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    Repair Manual

    Same here, been looking for a while & no luck.
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    Power window won't pull up

    Check the wires in the driver door, they break over time. I redid like 5 or 6 wires in mine not too long ago.
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    2002 Explorer Air Bag Light

    I still have this problem. I checked the connections & it was good for a few hours & back to that 3 4 blink. I got a new pretensioner from the junk yard & it still gives that blink.
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    Blew a tire, now she wont start

    Are the wires OK under there? I was gonna also say hit the reset switch on the fuel reset inertia thing.
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    EGR Vacuum hose disconnected

    Does that go to the PCV valve?
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    2002 Ford Explorer Dash Removal (Help)

    There's bolts holding the air bag in from inside the glove box. Just saw this & hope that helps.
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    No airflow from dash vents

    I wish those pictures loaded up cause I have the same problem with my vent. The plastic tab piece broke off & tight spot to drill & wire it. I have that whole assembly to change from the junkyard but taking the dash apart is a pain in the ass it seems. They already had the dash out so taking...
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    How to: Replace Front Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex.

    What happened to all the pictures? I did this 2 times in my explorer, 02 xlt & I never had to cut any part of the dash. Hardest part was getting under there to the right position to get out then get the new one back in.
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    sound like driving over rumble strips

    Sounds like the bearings or maybe just a bad tire?
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    Drivers Side Seat

    Why not check the junkyard or Craigslist for another power seat that works & swap that working bottom for yours.