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    Tires Aged When Purchased New

    Another thing to think about when purchasing tires. They can be years old when purchased new. Check out all the Explorers in that building!:roll: Keep it shiny side up.
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    What shocks should I get? I have TT and War shackles, 3 inch BL going in, and 32 BFG MT's going on my 96 5.0 AWD with 165k. I was leaning towards Rancho RS5000 or Procomp ES9000. Probably Procomp because they are only $37each and instock at Summit Racing. If their are better options for...
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    3-Hole Tow Hooks Install

    I purchased and am ready to install these hooks, but how do I go about it with a boxed frame. Should I drill a hole, tap threads into the frame and thread the bolt into it or is there a way to get a nut on? I found a picture or two and I thought there was a complete write-up but I cant find...
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    Torque Monster and front cats?

    I recently put on TM headers and now I still have an exhaust leak sound and I checked and its coming from the front cats. I can feel the air coming out of the shields. Is this normal or are my primary cats gone? I was thinking if they are gone I would do custom down pipes with two high flow...
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    Quick? What size amp?

    I recently had a problem with the left side speakers cutting out so I took out my deck and redid all the connections and now I have no sound at all. I bench tested my deck and the left channel isnt working so I bought a new deck and installed it. Still no sound. I check the Pioneer 6 1/2" rounds...
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    No sound

    Ive had my Alpine in-dash cd player installed for 1 1/2years now in the explorer and before that in my cavalier.A couple weeks ago my left side speakers started to cut out sometimes. So the other day I took it out and had a guy in the shop redo all the connections hoping that was the problem. I...
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    New gauges

    I purchased a set of white faced overlays for my 96 V8 explorer to find out some of the warning lights didnt match up with my gauges because of the year difference. So I bought a gauge cluster from a 00? explorer so that they would line up. I installed them both(cluster and overlay) and I...
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    Mass air meter

    I got an intake adapter and k+n cone filter of ebay last year to find out that I dont think it fits my truck, 1996 explorer 5.0. I think it would fit my g/f's 2000 5.0 Mountaineer with the square air box though. Could this be right? I dont even know how to get the mass air meter out of the...
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    New wheels!

    Ive searched and searched through alot of pages and really need help now. My girlfriend and I just bought some Mustang Bullitt wheels for her 00' Mountaineer AWD and I have an extra set of 245/45/17 tires from my Mustang. We are putting these on temporarily until we can afford 255/60/17 tires...
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    Fog light switch mod

    I tried searching and didnt find anything to useful. I did this mod on my old taurus SHO and worked awesome. This mod allows the foglights to be turned on with the parking lights. And when the highbeams are used the fogs still stay on cause the power comes from the parking lights and not the low...