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    Thermostatic Air Cleaner

    I failed emissions visual test in CA because the hose was missing. I bought a hose that should work and discovered that the metal shroud that goes over the passenger side exhaust manifoild is missing.:mad: Can anyone post a pic of what this thing is supposed to look like? And maybe where I...
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    Need technical name or part number for this item...

    What is the technical name or part number for the missing black plastic (?) cone....(this is where the pushrods sit...) Does anyone have one lying around that I can acquire? All I need is one. Or can I buy this locally? Please advise...
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    Machine Shop in San Diego???

    Looking for a reasonable machine shop in SD to flux, deck and and maybe do a rebuild on my heads. (91 ex-4.0 V6). Any suggestions??? Thanks.
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    Block full of coolant

    Block full of coolant. Pics now available inside!!! New to 4x4.. How do I remove the coolant and what steps to ensure no additional damage. Had Blown headgaskets. Cannot see any cracks in the heads. I drained the oil and am going to pull the watepump next to be safe. Can't seem to locate...
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    Heads, gasket, or block?

    I bought this 91 ex with the notorious 4.0. Engine used to run (recently)according to last owner. Tried to start and nothing. It turned over but there was an immediate bubbling sound in the overflow tank. I checked the oil and it's not exactly milkshake but too close for my taste. The truck...
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    Am I crazy or is there simply no info?

    I'm new here but I've been searching my A$$ off and I can't seem to find but a handful of posts relating to the everpresent topic of door panel issues with the explorers. My 1991 2 door tan interior is in need of door panels. I cannot seem to find a resource for used panels or, even better, a...
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    EX newbie

    Hello all. Just picked up a 1991 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. It has a few issues so I'm here to learn. I've been "searching" for a while and I'm sure I'll be searching some more as the days go on... The EX is a 2 door LX with power locks/ windows/mirrors. The issues: Blown engine (...