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  1. J

    auto fogs on?

    I agree with Peter. The four light setup is very distracting to on coming traffic. There is no reason for the additional lighting during in city driving.
  2. J

    2015 Explorer First Road Trip

    New 2015 Explorer owner.. Took my first major road trip. A 2500 mile trip to Ohio. The Ford ran great. Averaged 23.9 miles per gallon. 70+ mph most travel. What a smooth ride. I just love my Ford!
  3. J

    2015 Explorer Power Fold Mirror Clicking

    An update to my original post. The dealer added shims to the power mirror assembly. All is good. No clicking noise when retracting. I love my Ford!!
  4. J

    2015 Explorer Power Fold Mirror Clicking

    Tks Peter for the info. Like I said the mirrirs work.. no problem. But there should not be a clicking sound during operation. Sounds like a plastic gear hitting something or???? I just do not want a failure later in time. Like when the warranty runs out!!
  5. J

    New 2015 strange smell

    Congrats on your new car. I have 2015 Limited also. no smells what so ever.
  6. J

    2015 Explorer Power Fold Mirror Clicking

    Thanks to all that replied. And thanks Crystal for the warm welcome. Need an oil change in May, I will bring up the issue then. Actually both mirrors make a clicking noise while operating. The right side on closing and the left when extending out. Followed the resyncing procedure with no change...
  7. J

    2015 Explorer Power Fold Mirror Clicking

    Love my new 2015 Explorer Limited. The passenger side mirror makes a clicking noise when folding in? All seems to work okay. But I know the clicking sound is trouble ahead. Time for a warranty visit. Comments?