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    Possible new K8A owner

    Ended up not going the K8A route. LSS - it's been a looong time since I bought as new car and they got expensive! Ended up with an XLT with second row bench and trailer hitch. It's more than enough and feels big (coming from a P71 Vic). Only "real" mod might be amber warning lights of some...
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    PIU With Rear door disable - also disabled the lift gate!?

    Thank you so much! I was in for a Bronco but a certain bit, ok a LOT, of passenger floor rust now has me thinking of a PIU. Finally found a dealer willing to sell to the civilian public. Noticed this on the For brochure, not able to see inside the units on the vehicle lot this morning because...
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    PIU Console 'mystery option ?'

    Was at Colonial Ford in Plymouth, MA this morning and one of their new machines had that "civilian" style console. I couldn't make out the Window Sticker though (the tint was too dark to see through). EDIT: that console apparently comes as part of the 65U - Interior Upgrade Package. On the...
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    Possible new K8A owner

    Good afternoon everyone. New member from the Northeast. "This close" to buying a K8A but still trying to research decent pricing and availability. Also looking at "basics" to get it civilianized. Cheers!