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    Shock question...needs to to flex and be able to haul...

    I got a 1999 B4000 troy Lee.... I have a flooring company and use it for work. Problem is the rear springs are flat and really sag when loaded. I had to sell off my explorer (off road toy) so i plan to use the B4000 as a mild mudder/off road and work truck untli I find a new toy...
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    AUGUST JEEPSKOOL Explorer ride.

    Ok, here is the official thread for OHIO guys that need a legal and safe place to wheel. JeepSkool is in Garrettsville OH. Cost is $40.00 for the weekend. Its 1500 + acres from mild to wild trails. Stocker freindly. rock crawls, sand dunes, mud pits, hill climbs, water. you want it they got it...
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    Body lift finally done....

    Just finished the 3" body lift on my 01 Sport and it suuuuuuuuuucked. I took about 3 mos to finish it, so cant really say if it could be done in a weekend. I am sure it could if you dont live in the rust belt. Everyone of my bolts were frozen and either broke or drilled out. Didnt have much...
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    Jeep Skool this weekend, anyone???

    Well, its Jeep Skool weekend again in Garretsville. Anyone gonna make it out?
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    wheel spacer and proper torque spec

    I am adding 2" spacers to my 01 sport. I found the correct torque for the studs to be 100lbs for just the wheel. The directions on the spacer do not give me any specs for my truck. So, do I just torque the spacers to the hub at 100lbs and then the wheel to the space at 100lbs also? Oh and...
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    Do I need to run stock body mount bushings?

    Finishing up my 3" lift and my 2 rear bushings and mounts are toast. had to cut them off and they just crumble. Priced out new parts and its almost 200 for the bushings and mounts. I found a set of Ford bushings for a F series trucks for 20 bucks. They look about the same size. I figure since...
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    Wheel spacers and thread locker

    I want to use thread locker on 2" wheel spacer bolts that hold the spacer to the rotor. Any issues with this?
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    3" Bodylift update, steering shaft issue

    Fun, fun , fun.....NOT! Anyway, I can get my steering shaft to slide down and add the adapter. I was gonna leave it til the end and see if it moves when I jack up the truck. I did a search on this, but it seems no one else posted about this issue. Anyone have any advice had the same...
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    3" Body Lift. Question about the bushings and just cutting w sawzal vs breaking bolts

    Just started my body lift and gotta love living in the rust belt. only got to 2 bushings so far. Stripped one and broke the bold on the 2nd. Its gonna be fun. Anyway, I was wondering if it makes any sense to replace all the bushings with new while Im doing the lift. Daystar kit 150.00...
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    wheel tire TT lift problem question

    I just put on a set of super 8s 16x8 on my explorer. They came off a ranger, so I assumed they would be a direct fit. Problem is the tey rub on the sway bar and frame. However the bigger issue is at full turn the front of the truck lifts up. Turn right, the left side goes up. turn left the...
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    Spider Trax wheel spacers 1.5"

    I just put on 33s and I am getting rubbing on my sway bar at lock. Looks like I need about a 1.25 in the front to clear it. I was gonna do 1.5 just to be sure. Dont reall care about the fender as I will trim it. I have read the pros and cons on spacers, but not sure what other option I...
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    BRakes upgrade

    I need to redo my rotors and pads. Is it worth the extra 200.00 to get ebc pads abd crossef drilled rotors Im running 33s with body lift. Mainly trail rig, mud n some rocks but lots of watet.
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    4.56 gear upgrade...Which ones?

    Got an 01 Sport with 33s. Have not taken it out yet with the 33s, cuz [I] gotta do the bodylift still. However, I am reading that I need to do a 4.56 swap. total novice at this, so a few questions.. 1. I went to summit to look for parts. They have a bunch of 4.56 gear to choose from. any...
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    Detachable sway link on an IFS. Any reason to do it?

    Got a broken sway bar link and wanted to know if any reason to do detachable ones since I gotta replace them anyway. Got a TT AAL and 3"Body lift
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    tires rubbing question

    I just put on my 285/75/16 Itercos I took off 265/75/16 AT tires. Im putting on the bidy lift next week. However, I am getting tire rub on the frame at full turn on the inside. I dont think the body lift is gonna fix this, will it? The rims are not stock. they are Soft 8s and came off...
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    Gear ratio and 33s

    I am putting on my 33s now. Will I notice much in power loss running 33s? I guess the question really is, do I really need to change gears? I have been reading about the gears on the site and cant figure out if I need them or not. I am planning to put in a locker soon too. So, I guess if I...
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    1999 B4000 (ranger) can I use it to tow my explorer

    I have 1999 Mazda B4000 (Ranger) v6 4wd. I want to tow my 01 Exp sport to the trails. If I recall, the max limit on the ranger is 9800lbs. I am sure I will exceed this. Any ideas other than getting another truck lol?
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    3" Body Lift from Summit....Which one is it?

    OK, I have read all the write ups on the body lift and I am ready to buy it from summit. I live in cleveland, so I will just goto local store and pick it up. However, I am not sure which one I need cuz it looks peeople used both... I have an 01 Sport... 2 options are the SUM-7888330...
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    Keep my 01 Sport or sell for a Full size Bronco?

    I have a 01 sport with a TT and AAL on it now. 118K, everything is fine with the truck. I got a set of 33x16s in the garage and I about to pick up a 3" body lift. I figure its worth about 3500.00 in my market. I know I will want to do a SAS too. So, I can dump another grand (if Im lucky) and...
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    sliding cloth sunroof question

    I have an 01 sport that we were thinking about selling and getting a (dare I say it) Jeep. Only want the Jeep to get the open air affect when wheeling. However, I recall seeing those large cloth sliding sunroofs. For around 500bucks, you can get a kit with everything needed. Lots of sizes. I...
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    coil over vs TT

    I have been reading about the coil over mods and I am not sure what the bennefit is. I wheel my truck, logging trails, sand and hills ... I want to be able to run it through mud as well. I have a TT / AAL and 32's now. I really want to do a 4" lift and a body lift to run 35s. However, since...
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    Jeepskool this weekend

    Anyone up for some wheeling South East of Cleveland this weekend, let me know. Its $30 to get in for Sat and Sun. Stock trucks are fine and its a great time. Family oriented place, so bring the kids. So far, I have seen 2 Explorers. Mine and really modified 1st Gen. Dave
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    33/12.5/15 tires. Will this fit a 01 Sport?

    Just found some cheap mud tires. I did the TT and AAL/Shacks. Will a 33/12.5/15 fit? Body lift is in the works. My real question is the rims. Will I be able to run a 15" rim on the truck? It has 16s now. I will swap the 15s for wheeling only and not DD. If 15s will fit, what back space...
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    My Add a Leaf already sagging

    I re-arched and did an add a leaf 1.5 months ago. Took it off road 1 time and carried about 600lbs of stuff in it 3 times. About 1100 miles since the add. I even replaced the stock shocks with Ranchos. Now the drivers side is down about an inch from the pass side. Is this normal?
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    Is my front tweaked too much from TT or can I go higher?

    Are these OK? Can I go higher with my TT lift?