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    97 Sport 2 door Parking brake cable pics

    Hi all, Can anyone upload a pic(s) of their parking brake cable from the equalizer to the rears so I can match my new ones up? I forgot how they go. Mainly, which rear cable crosses over which. I don't want to be the creepy guy taking pics of the undersides of Explorers in the local grocery...
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    97 Sport 5-speed clutch

    So here's what happened: -Losing clutch fluid beneath bell housing, (slave Cyl I assume). -Bled through the slave bleeder valve a reservoir of Lucas power steering stop leak, followed by 3 flushes of DOT3. Leak immediately stopped for about 3 months. -Clutch pedal starts to...
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    Fuel Tank Dilemma

    So I dropped the fuel tank for easier access to the rear brake and evap line and this happened: Any suggestions/ideas? I don't want to buy an entire fuel tank simply because this rusted/broke off, It's just the fuel filler line/nipple.
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    1997 Evap canister lines

    Hello all, This is my first post on this site. I need some help. Both metal lines going between the fuel tank and the evap canister above the spare tire both have just snapped in half like a twig. Can I replace those lines with rubber fuel hose? And what it that long, large line that runs with...