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    Ford Technical Service Publication Software for 64-bit & Win-8

    I have a nice collection of '90's Ford Truck Service Manual CD-ROMs. You have to install the software from one of the CDs as a one time deal for each computer. The software is called "Ford Technical Service Publication System". I used to view these on Windows XP back in the day and recently...
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    Adding Defroster Mirrors

    Not sure if anyone still cares about 2nd Gen Ex's, but here's how to add the defroster mirrors to an Ex that didn't come with them. Note, this is my '99 Sport, which came with power mirrors and puddle lamps. First, go buy yourself some defroster mirrors. You can tell they have the feature...
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    Different Hood Lift Support Struts for 2-Doors??

    Monroe lists a distinct part number (901644) for the Sport (2-Door). For all others (Eddie Bauer, XL, XLS & XLT) its 901340. 4-Door 901340 Stats: Upper Mounting Code E Lower Mounting Code E Compressed Length 7.875" Extended Length 9.875" Travel Length 2.000"...
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    200,000 Miles - What should I do?

    I'm going to be hitting 200,000 on my 4.0L SOHC. What do you guys recommend? Here's what I'm thinking so far: Oil & Filter change & Air Filter Spark Plugs Fan Belt I'm thinking about replacing the pulleys too, I hear some squeaking Fuel filter Power steering fluid change manual...
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    Exhaust Manifold Studs - Dorman 03411

    Thought I'd throw this out there, since no company lists replacement studs specifically for our 4.0L (and to remind me when I need them again). Dorman 03411, which are only marketed for Ford 4.6L/5.4L/6.8L, are exact replacements for our 4.0L. Pairs well with Permatex Nickel Anti-Seize.
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    Where should I make my cut on these rust replacement panels?

    MIG welding in new cab corners & rocker panels. Where are the ideal places to make my cuts? For the cab corner, I have the choice of cutting right on the bend or on the flat part. Stacey David once taught me that you should avoid MIG welding on a flat visible body panel as it will show...
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    Brake Rotor Cutting Dilemna

    My friend wants to do his brakes (pads are low). He bought new pads and we were going to cut the rotors (non-slotted; non-drilled) to save money instead of buying new rotors. But less and less places by us are cutting rotors, and he really wants to get it done this Sunday, when, definitely, no...
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    Inhaling Aircraft Stripper

    I was just spraying some canned Aircraft Stripper for a few seconds. I gust of wind must have come by and I got a mist of it on my tongue. I washed my mouth out with a hose. Should I be worried about this small amount? If it was any other shop chemical, I would laugh it off, but see'ing...
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    Air Tool Noob - a little disappointed

    I've been getting mixed up in serious body work. I've been holding out on splurging on an air compressor because I don't have a 220V source. It seems all the easy body work tools are air tools. I've been bending over backwards finding electric replacements, such as this awesome...
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    How to Start an Engine After 6 Years

    I just bought a truck with a Chrysler 5.2L pushrod TBI (not sure yet if it's interference or not). The seller reports he hadn't started the engine since 2005. I want to try to start it to see where I stand regarding just needing a tune-up vs full rebuild. I'm planning on using a new battery...
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    Autolumination LED & NeoWedge Review

    LEDs are, in general, superior technology. They pull nominal electrical current, they never burn out or fade, they turn on/off instantly, and they don't produce heat. One of their downfalls is that they don't shine/glow a large area like incandescent bulbs, instead they direct an intense beam...
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    rear brake rotors seize to Ford 8.8 axle

    My rear rotors keep sticking to the axle shafts. If I'm replacing the rotors, then sometimes I'm lucky getting them off by pounding away from the backside of the rotor with a baby-sledge through the little gap in the knuckle while rotating the rotor (also not a lot of room to wind up) - which...
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    "Slip-On" Rocker Panel replacement sheet metal?

    Fixing my rusty rocker panels is my first body work project. The only online places I could find replacement 2-door rocker panels was Raybuck & LMC, both are $40, but LMC's shipping is cheaper by about $2. I called a local place and they said they don't have anything. So I just received my...
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    iOS Mail email notification hyperlink problem

    This is what I've been getting when I use the built in Mail apps on both my iPhone and iPad: This thread is located at: There are two problems with this. First, it only hyperlinks up to the ".php" and gets cut off from the...
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    Slightly Longer Lift Shocks

    I have a maxed out Torsion Bar Twist and Shackles and notice my stock length shocks could use a slight stretch. I don't want to be limited to specialized shocks custom designed for commercial lift kits (James Duff, Superlift, etc.), so I found this detailed spec sheet...
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    GoodYear Wrangler DuraTrac vs Toyo Open Country M/T

    It's time to replace my 33x12.5R15 GoodYear Wrangler MT/Rs. I need some help choosing between these 2 tires; I know they are in different categories and price ranges (DuraTracs <$700 shipped from TireRack; Toyos >$1100). I barely ever go offroad, but I want to keep a very aggressive look...
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    Could I have bent a valve?

    I messed my truck up bad trying to get unstuck in snow. First of all, I cracked my radiator - probably from ramming into the snow bank in the first place. Then in multiple efforts to reverse out in 4wd Low, I realized my tach & temp gauges were maxed out. I've been having rough starts...
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    4406 fit in a Sport?

    I'm looking into swapping a 5.0 with M5R2 & 4406M into my '99 Sport. The 4406 looks very long. Am I going to have a rear driveshaft angle issue with my Sport?
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    5.0 Radiator in 4.0?

    I need to replace the radiator on my 4.0 SOHC and wondering if I can upgrade to the 5.0 radiator. What is the difference between the 5.0 & 4.0 radiators? Will the 5.0 bolt in? Can you have too much cooling? I'm hoping to do a V8 swap in the near future, so this would save me a step.
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    How to know window motor blown?

    Truck is an '89 Dodge Dakota. Both driver and passenger power windows stopped working, one died, then the other one slowed down and died a day or two later. I disconnected the motors right at the motor. I tested the truck's incoming feed and it is +-12 Volts. I jumped the motor straight to...
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    Rebuilding a sticking throttle body?

    My throttle has been sticking right at the beginning. It's starting to really get to me at stops. I guess it's either the cable or the pivot pin in the throttle body is gunked up. I tried the zip-tie throttle body mod, didn't help this issue. I tried to spray a lot of penetrating and...
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    Rear Wiper Cap - Metal or Plastic?

    The "cap" fell off (or stolen) my rear wiper arm a while ago, then the whole wiper arm broke off. I bought this DORMAN arm, but the cap is plastic. It's been so long, I forgot what the cap was like. Is the OEM "cap", the cowl cover all the way to the left of the pictures, is it made of...
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    220V Wiring Quesion

    My uncle just gave me this Lincoln AC-225 buzz box: I don't have 220V at my apartment complex so I have to try to rig something up at my Mom's house. Below is a picture of the box outside her garage which the air...
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    Where to get 5.0 Donor & what manual trans?

    After years of casual research and day-dreaming, I think I'm convinced a 351W swap will be too much trouble and too much money, so I've decided on the easy 5.0 swap from a sister Ex. 1) What's the best way to get a donor? Can I just buy a whole truck from a junkyard (Harry's U-Pull-It in...
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    Static Balancing 33's

    I'm interested in the No-Mar Monster Balancer: I have a trackbike and I'm already convinced DIY static balancing vs. pro shop machine balancing is the way to go for motorcycles, so I'm def getting some kind of static balancing setup at least for...