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    tow hooks help

    make sure they are grade 8. QUOTE=anti*commander;1768041]thanks for your help guys if i were to buy some tow hooks from auto zone or walmart or napa etc. would they come with bolts? if not, and i bought them from home depot, would the bolts be strong enough for me to be towed or to tow...
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    Air box Suggestions??

    never mind. brain fart.
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    Air box Suggestions??

    and hurry. im interested to see this. i thought t birds were 5.2's for somereason.
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    Superlift 5.5 inch lift kit for 92 explorer

    axle flip kit. well my leafs are different them.
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    Max payload?

    isnt the gross vehiele weight rating in the door?
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    305/40/22 are bigger than 31.6x12.3

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    Swap 4WD to 2WD

    keep it. or get a different explorer...if it gets cold it probably snows.
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    A puddle at 4:00am .....

    dammn. no good. glad ur ok.
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    Chester Endo

    damn. we need more story.
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    Help! Stuck at work, 120m from home!

    dang. if it was muchh closer i would help you out.
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    2000 explorer xlt lift

    he has 4 posts under his belt. maybe he didnt see the button.
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    Help! Stuck at work, 120m from home!

    where do you live?
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    Temp Gauge

    now you know 5 lol.
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    Cb troubles

    keep everything away from the pump and computer.
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    Water proofing my 1st gen

    of course i cant find it now.
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    Dueler A/T 695s? (and part 2 of my tire search)

    good tires. firestone has them on sale.
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    Water proofing my 1st gen

    amen. or get a diesel and lift it. dont have to worry about the ignition system on that at least.
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    Water proofing my 1st gen read that it may help
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    drive shaft

    map quest will be your friend.
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    Ford SHO in a '99 Ranger any suggestions...

    wow very interesting. if you follow through with the idea make sure you get a computer and the wireing harness.
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    drive shaft

    lol you will be fine. he must drive a 1983 front wheel drive datsun pickup.
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    Water proofing my 1st gen

    basicly seal all electrical connectors. battery inside the truck. door seals. floor drains. relocate computer. maybe remove carpet and rhino line it or something like that. snorkel winch tow points front and rear. you should be set. maybe even lift a lil more. make sure you check all your...
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    Water proofing my 1st gen

    scuba mask flippers o2 tank and when you get to land you may want fishing pole if its a little muddy i would throw in a bunch rock or something.
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    Water proofing my 1st gen

    make sure you grease suspension parts often...if your going to be going through water often i would spraypaint or somekind of coating to the parts tht can rust.....what about the brakes could there be a problem there?