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    Tire Sizes compatible with PIU wheels

    Like the title says need to know tires compatible for the piu thats not the stock 245/55/r18. Trying to find the cheapest as i dont have bad weather here in Virginia. Thanks Trevor
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    Flushing PTU with seafoam/Diesle?

    So does anybody have any experience getting the PTU squeeky clean with flushing it? or if any one has any input on if flushing a ptu would do more harm than good that would be helpful. I have already drained and filled the ptu 3 times but put a camera up there and i see a lot of sludge. should...
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    Mileage on your PIU Odometer

    Hey guys. Looking to see what some of your PIU mileage is. When you got it and what its at. My personal piu 2016 bought at 60k. 92000 on the clock currently We have a department issued transport 2014 PIU at 225k. Mostly on va highway. But thats the most i have seen.
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    Custom PTU Heat shield?

    Not sure if its been talked about, but has anyone attempted to create a custom heat shield for the ptu to protect from engine heat? Changed the fluid today and was thinking about it. Trevor
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    2016 Explorer PIU tow wire install

    Hello guys and gals New to the forum. Signed up when I ran into a issue not posted. Soo I just installed the rear hitch and was installing the wire harness in the bumper when i realized I'm missing one of the ends to the connector. I was able to plug half into the wire hanging down, but have...