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    STA Adrenalin Eibach Lowering Springs

    Saw this on the myst forum (FSTCS6) - count me in.
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    '08 Sport Trac Driver Side Rear Turn Signal/Brake Light issue...

    Lol. You won't be the first or last do have a "Doh" moment. Look on the bright side you know your hitch wiring is in good shape :).
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    Future Projects?

    Blow by racing Supercharger kit is on my STA's to do list. If I keep my enclosed trailer maybe airbag the rear suspension too.
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    '08 Sport Trac Driver Side Rear Turn Signal/Brake Light issue...

    Get a multimeter on the light socket & see if there's power coming through. If there is then maybe the new bulb is bad. If not keep working backwards until you find power on that circuit.
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    Towing questions on a 07 v-8 ST

    I've towed my '05 Shelby CS6 in an enclosed trailer with my STA V8, total weight 6900lbs. It was not a fan of going up mountains but other than that performed well. It's a very stable rig when the car is positioned correctly in the trailer. You should have no issues with half the weight. The...
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    Map Update;pgid=XMV4K3xLD8hSR0kv0rMUT8Rg0000UTG5Falw;sid=DNfd2b80R9Xe2e5bXvif0bU-W3lXZw06_q2KdzWK?ShowAllProducts=YES&CatalogCategoryID=SrUKCghBBE4AAAE125Rvy4ll
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    08 STA Adrenalin Heated Seats

    Thanks for the link I was missing the window decal for my STA. This just confirmed my heated seats are aftermarket not factory.
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    Its upgrade time finally!

    Good to know the hyper tech actually does some good. Been considering one for a while. Enjoy all your upgrades.
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    Upgraded the factory Subwoofer

    The sub does mount flush - the spacer ring is broader (not deeper) on one side. I've moved city recently, when I figure out where the spare sub is I'll take some pics.
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    Looking for used oem tonneau bed cover for 08 ST

    Now in Lethbridge, AB - when I next see one listed I'll post a link here. I can facilitate if it's local.
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    Looking for used oem tonneau bed cover for 08 ST

    Usually plenty for sale around here for $300-400CAD. Shipping may be pricey though.
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    Performance Chips

    How much extra torque can be gained from a custom tune?
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    Strange Noise (Revving) with Acceleration - Intermittent

    There is a relearn procedure for the ECU after the battery has been disconnected for a while (20 minutes+ if I recall correctly). The process is in the handbook & likely can be googled.
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    Proof! The Sport Trac can do it!

    It is a bit large, 20ft plus the V nose. My first run with this was to Bozeman, MT - there are lots of mountains between Helena & Bozeman. Depending on how long the climb was I was doing between 40-50kmh at the top. With a load levelling hitch & a stabilizer bar the rig is very stable (I...
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    Proof! The Sport Trac can do it!

    More than capable; Trailer plus car inside weight 6900lbs, electric brakes on the trailer, V8 engine & terrible gas mileage. FYI, this is asking all that the STA has to give & it does NOT like going up mountains with this in tow.
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    LED Tailgate lights

    Wipe the plastic down with isopropyl alcohol and, if needed, some 3M adhesion promoter & try again.
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    Looks good :)
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    Sub Box in 07 sport tract???

    I replaced the factory sub with one from kicker (Shelby store has them). Have a pair in my CS6 so knew they sounded great :).
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    After months and months of searching...finally a V8 STA

    Congrats. Love my STA V8 AWD.
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    trailers lets see them!!!!

    My Adrenalin pulling my new trailer with the CS6 inside it. She performed very well on the flat stuff & the downhill sections. On the uphill gradients in the Montana mountains she struggled a little bit. On further thought I decided that rather than possibly damage the STA I bought an '02...
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    radio change

    The basic wiring looms don't have that feature. You'll need to drop a bit more cash & get something from PAC or similar. They have a module in line that enables that feature.
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    New here with a 2009 ST ADRENALIN

    Yw. Nice looking STA.
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    New here with a 2009 ST ADRENALIN

    Welcome! Where in Alberta are you? Posting pics is easy, use and copy the img code to your post.
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    PML 6R80 trans pan installed

    Verified today that my June '08 has the 6R60.