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    Any bowlers here??? Best score thread.

    Just wondering if there are any bowlers among us?? I just bowled 14 strikes in a row (in 2 games unfortunately...:( ) but I just couldn't help myself. Please share your best bowling score!!!! My best: 264.
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    gotta love stealerships

    So my 99 Limited V8 AWD, for the 2nd time since I have owned it, has decided to give me a little trouble. With 198K, I'd actually expect trouble considering it has only had an alternator and idler pulley replaced. No CEL, no codes, no tranny codes or symptoms at idle. Only during load at...
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    Need some confirmation ASAP on 5.0L CPS

    Hey all, So I finally (emphasize finally) got around to replacing the synch on my 5.0L. The install went quite well and I did the victory lap in my neighborhood with all signs pointing to success...except one thing. I inspected the CPS unit after my little skit around the neighborhood w/ one...
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    High voltage and P/W fail

    Hi all, I thought I killed all of the anti-explorer gremlins that aimlessly wandered in my garage, but I guess I missed a couple. The past couple of days, my voltage guage has been slowly creeping higher during driving. This only begins once the engine has thoroughly warmed up and operation...
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    Bye Bye Sploder

    Sadly my friends, I just couldn't take the chain racket and the leaking front diff (3rd time :rolleyes:) and I got rid of the ol' gal. She had 173K when I finally got rid of her and while it was bitter sweet, it does feel nice to not have to worry about the next problem. I decided that in...
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    Fuel pump assembly torque specs??

    Hi all: I am now installing my new fuel pump assembly into my fuel tank, but I cannot for the life of me find the torque specifications. How much do I torque the six bolts on the top??? Actually, let me rephrase it this way: I have already torqued them to 80 in-lbs and am now regretting it...
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    Explorer Venting

    Hey all! I am so ridiculously upside down on my explorer, this thing is killing me!!! Rebuilt tranny, transfercase, rear axle X2, my engine sounds like a horrendous diesel and now my fuel pump/sender unit and fuel tank need replacing. My internal baffle came loose and completely demolished...