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    Odd Brake Rotor / System Problems

    Let me start out with the fine details calipers are original and are not stuck or binding in any way. suspension is original with no leaks and I keep my tires torqued to the 100 ft lbs spec. I do switch from summer to winter rims as the seasons change. I try to not be hard on the brakes trying...
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    Heater hose part number/size

    Does anyone know the part number for the rear rubber heater hoses or the inside diameter of the hose? I have looked for the parts from Ford but can't seem to find them. Edit well after some research and measuring I think they are 5/8 inside diameter.
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    Rear Liftgate Glass

    has anyone a any experience with TYG replacement glass for the back window? what would you choose Carlite (stock window glass and new), Carlite used, or TYG Glass? reason I am replacing is because of broken lines in the defogger and broken tabs. in case you are wondering I have tried...
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    brake question and suspension noise

    so to start its a 2010 ford explorer v6 98k miles. here is what is happening i took the car to the dealership to diagnose my squishy breaks they came back with front brakes and rotors needed to be replaced. i decided not to have the dealership do them and did them myself. after i replaced them...
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    two problems need help with ones with the brakes and another i cant figure out

    Here are my two problems. lets start with the brakes. last year I changed my brakes and rotors now when I am braking lightly about to stop the brakes will make a metal on metal ting. what I think is happening is the pad is shifting up and down in the caliper. the only way I can stop the noise...