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    Steering Box or Seals

    Ok so about a week ago I lost power steering. I had a friend check it out and he said its coming from where the pitman arm connects to the steering box. Ok no problem. I went to the shop and they told me its not smart to just replace the seals because there is sometime of bushing or something...
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    4wheel whine

    Hey guys, Well, winter is here in Canada now... started snowing pretty good today so I put the ol' girl in 4x4. When in 4x4 it gives a whining sound. Gets louder as you speed up and lessens as you show down. Anyone know what this could be? I don't want to lose my 4x4 at the start of winter...
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    Parts Truck Help

    Hey guys, I have a '92 X... A buddy of mine has a '93 with a cylinder with no compression so he is just going to scrap it. Anyways, he is letting me take whatever I want off the truck before he gets rid of it. The body on my truck is in rough shape but switching the engines over is out of my...
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    8000lb Champion Winch

    Hey guys, Just reading through the Canadian Tire flier for the week and they have the 8000lb Champion Winch on sale for $399.99 CDN. I was thinking this is a good price. I talked to a buddy of mine and he says I shouldn't buy it because I have to do some moddifactions and buy a push bar...
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    I hope I didn't hurt anything

    Ok, so on sunday I went to the local princess auto and on my way back I noticed a bad vibration while stopped and it was like the engine was going to bog out on me. I drove my way home and once I got upto speed everything was ok. I went up and down a side street and I would floor the gas and the...
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    Play in the Steering Wheel

    Ok so this is not a major problem for me but it's something I'd like to fix. Here's my situation... While driving, I can turn the wheel about 2 inches left or right and the wheels won't turn unless I turn the wheel further, the wheel easily moves when you turn the wheel left to right like I...
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    Another RAB Thread (Sorry :P)

    I know there is a ton of Radius Arm Bushing thread but I couldn't find one for what I'm trying to figure out... I think mine are shot as I get that clunking while braking, and once in awhile the truck will pull to one side while braking hard (mechanic told me this is also a sympton). Anyways...
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    Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick?!?!?!?

    Ok, so every once in a while when im driving, you hear a continuous tick... Its hard to explain, it sounds like a thin piece of metal hitting something... At first, I thought it was the muffler hitting the ground or something but it wasn't.. So Anyways... I asked the previous owner of the...
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    Custom Rear Cup Holders

    I was getting bored today and started brainstorming stuff to do to the X... well, I came up with an idea to make custom cup holders for the back seats... I don't really feel like going out and buying cup holders then screwing them into the back on the center consel cause well... that's just no...
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    Dash Rattles

    I searched the forums for dash rattles and couldn't really see anything similar to my car or no one posted any solutions to the problem. I never had this sound before but I just put in an aftermarket radio in (which required the front part of the dash to be taken out) and now I get this...
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    Alternator Problem? Maybe?

    Been wondering this for awhile just never remembered to ask... The voltmeter on the dash reads about 16volts (Around the L in NORMAL)... I was just wondering if this is normal? From auto class, I learned the battery should stay around 12 - 14v and if its charging higher than that there maybe...
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    What To Expect?

    I have a 1992 X with 256000 kilometers on it (160 000miles for you guys in the states)... It's going on the road some time next week (I hope). Just wondering if there are any normal problems around this many miles or this old of a truck. Will I have to worry about using it as a daily driver? Is...
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    Exhaust Leak/Water

    Ok this is pretty much a general repair question, I hope I posted it in the right section of the forums... so the leak is at the 2nd Cat in the exhaust near the back... The Cat has like a metal shield circled around it. There is a hole in the Cat and the shield, I know this because when u run...
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    A couple questions

    Well my truck still isn't on the road, just needs body work. It's parked in my schools parking lot with no plates. Anyways, I got bored tonight and wanted to take it for a spin around the parking lot. I hammered on the gas and got it to about 50km/h before I hit the brake and there was like a...
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    Ignition Kill Switch

    After reading sncwfo99 thread and the horrors hes going threw and reading posts about getting an ignition kill switch I said "Hey, that's a pretty good idea!" Anybody know how to go about doing this? What would the difficulty level be consideredo n a scale 1 - 10? Thank you :):roll:
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    Key for the Wheel Bearing Nut

    I've started on doing the rotors on my 1992 Ex... I only finished one the rotor on the passanger side with no problems. I went to start on the drivers side today and I couldn't get that little key that goes into the wheel bearing nut out. The other rotors I took the key out with a magnet and it...
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    What X Do I own?

    How do you tell what type of Explorer is it? Ie. XLT, XL, Sport, Eddie Baurer? Is it just the options that are the diff? Im just wondering cause Im not knowing what type mine is :)
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    Fuel Filter to Fuel Line clips broke :(

    I'm just beggining to get into mechanics so sorry if this might be a stupid question. I just put in a new fuel filter for my 1992 Explorer. I had a hell of a time getting the thing off, I ended up having to pry it off with a flathead screwdriver. So everything was ok, then I THOUGHT I had the...
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    First Thread :) Large Rust Hole :(

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums... I just bought a 1992 Explorer for 200$ a couple weeks ago! It's at my school right now in the auto shop, Im doing some work on it to past the safety... Brakes and such... But I've got a large rust hole around the gas cap... The rust rotted a big hole right...