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    Sway Bar Torque Specs

    I just replaced the bushings for both my sway bars yesterday but i haven't been able to find the torque specs or how tight to tighten down the rear sway bar, for now it's a little higher (24 ft.-lbs.) than the front sway bar but can anyone verify it for me? Thanks
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    EATC blend door actuator

    so i probably did a stupid thing (at least i hope so otherwise it will be a PITA to find), i'm in the process of installing EATC in my truck and I have all the parts and I bought a new actuator due to it's infamous problems. well the intial combo of EATC parts I got was from a '95, I wanted the...
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    Pre-Gapping Spark Plugs to 0.065”

    Just a quick question, are there any ill-effects of gapping new spark plugs at 0.065” and running them with the stock coil pack for a week or so? I have a new Screamin Demon coil pack ordered but its backordered and won't ship until Monday. The reason I wanted to put the spark plugs in this...
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    SOHC serpentine squealing

    so a few days ago i was driving and floored it to pass the line of idiot cars and the throttle cable got momentarily stuck, with cars in front of me i put it in neutral real quick so i didn't rear end anybody, bad idea since the revs shot up right to about the SOHC redline ~6200 RPM, i...
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    pos anti-theft system

    so i was doing some minor work on my explorer today (re-routing/new power cables to rear amps, oil change) and when i try to start it the damn thing won't start. there is cranking obviously going on and i can see the belt turning but it won't catch. also i notice the anti-theft light is...
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    5R55E Problems after Flush/Filter Change

    So, I've been upgrading my ex over the past few weeks, and first off I couldn't have done it without the wealth of info on this site, and will be upgrading to elite soon, but on to my problem at hand... background info: 1998 Ford Explorer SOHC, 2WD, 140,000 mi. I just finished the tranny...
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    Suspension Overhaul?

    So i have what i see as a minor problem somewhere in the suspension of my 98 ex. Whenever I go over uneven road (not full on potholes but just a POS paving job/old road) I can hear what I would describe as a shuddering sound coming from under the car. this mainly happens at speeds of 20-35mph...
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    another new guy

    i've been cruising the forums the past few weeks and been amazed at the wealth of info here, thanks to everyone who has contributed. my truck is still mainly stock, but i'm planning on a few performance upgrades after reading aldive's quest for 30 and a few others here. i'm somewhat of an...