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    Sector9's 91 explorer

    Its been five long years but it is now lifted. Parts List: James Duff stage 3 5.5" lift Rough Stuff SOA 8.8 spring perches G2 4.88 gears 8.8 Detroit Locker 35x12.5xr15 Goodyear MTRs All new MOOG ball joints/pivot bushings
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    33" tires on 2" puck lift

    I was looking and found lots of people with 33" on a 4 inch lift, I was wondering if anybody else has put them on a first gen with a 2" puck and shackles? I plan on trimming but how much? too much? what about radius arm clearance? Im asking because i got a very very good deal on a set of...
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    I was reading the fiberglassing how to and realized that its over five years old! I was wondering if there is any new resin or mat that is a higher quality than the ACE or home depot Stuff?
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    I found this

    I found this paper under the carpet on the passengers side! is it a production paper? or what? its kinda neat, i tried to get it out in one piece but its has morphed into the sound proofing!
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    Lifts for a 1st gen?

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    sector9's 91 explorer

    This is my 91! I bought it almost a year ago and have loved it! it has 215000 on it now! has a 2" puck and shackle lift was on it when i bought it! and is on 31x10.5 tires. i have had my fun with it:D i even made my pumpkin to look like to! But three months ago i cracked a head while...