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  1. J

    anyone ever had this happen?

    Ive had my sony dsc-p73 camera for over a year now. great camera, handles all the abuse i throw at it, which is quite a bit since im a firefighter and i keep it in my turnout gear and use it to take pics on calls. recently, something weird has been happening. it eats batteries like you would...
  2. J

    Sony/Alpine headunits with Unilink - who's got em?

    Hey everyone, I have had my sony xplod headunit for a few years now. I just got a Dell mp3 player, and one thing that really annoys me is that, even though the headunit DOES have AUX IN connectors, i cant use them without a unilink device to turn them on! Great design Sony :rolleyes: So I...
  3. J

    i smell gas after replaced FPR

    Hey guys, last year replaced the FPR on my truck and dropped my tank to replace the opening that had rusted out. now i smell gas and get real bad gas mileage. anybody know what else could be wrong?
  4. J

    brakes jerking

    Sometimes when its wet when I apply my brakes for the first time, ill feel a big jerk and theyll lock up the wheels, almost like I hit em as hard as I can, even though i give the pedal a very light touch. It will do this only once or twice during the first or second time I apply any braking...
  5. J

    flourescent light idea - too much EMI?

    Hey everyone, This prob should be posted in the Computer forum, but its not TECHNICALLY a computer question. Im in the process of moving into my apartment for next year and I got a bunch of cool toys to go with my new place. I bought a wall mount with articulating arm for my flat screen...
  6. J

    Rubber brake hose?

    While I was replacing my RA bushings, I noticed on the frame rail, the brake line that supplies the rear brakes was split. By split, I mean it had 2 different lines connected. A short length of rubber hose was used to connect them. I was wondering, is this line stock? Or did the previous...
  7. J

    Radius Arm Bushing Replacement

    Whenever I take a sharp corner I hear a loud THUNK, and it never fails to scare the **** out of me and my passengers. I did some searching and have a high index of suspicion that the Radius Arm bushings are bad. I went to replace these but found a MUCH more serious problem. My passenger side...
  8. J

    welding current?

    Hey, this question is for anyone who knows a thing or two about electronics and welding. I just picked up a MIG welder from Harbor Freight for $199(webpage with link to manual that has schematic: Works great except that it...
  9. J

    engine cranking requirements

    I was going to add an auxiliary battery to be used in emergencies soley for starting the vehicle. does anyone know the power requirement required to start the truck (power used by fuel pump, ignition, PCM, starter etc) so I can choose the smallest battery that will work.
  10. J

    Explorer Cruise Control

    Hey everyone, I came accross a great site on Ford's Cruise control, but when I tried to get it later the owner had deleted it. I contacted him and he said he'd put it up for me, but the address is different. I don't think this page is on google or anything, but its a great resource for cruise...
  11. J

    High Idle

    I would like to build a simple high idle controller so that I can increase my alt's output when I need to, such as running a high power inverter or jump starting another vehicle. This would include a safety interlock so that it would only engage with the flick of a switch when the car is in...
  12. J

    my truck wont start!(click click click)

    so i did my clinicals in cedar rapids on sat night, and my car started fine to and from there, so i got home and parked it and went to bed. later in the day, i went to start it, and it wouldnt start. i got the whine of the fuel pump, and then one click of the starter, like one would expect...
  13. J

    what do y'all know about credit?

    ok, so i have a few friends who have recently graduated college and have nothing to do - no job, no money, and no credit, so they usually end up moving in with their parents. im a sophmore right now, and when i graduate, i want to be somewhat self-sufficient. i am getting much more than an...
  14. J

    anyone know anything about amplifier design?

    [WARNING: non-engineering types may find this EXTREAMLEY boring] ok, so im starting a new project for my x. for my apt next year i am building an mp3 player stereo reciever unit and before i tackle that project, i want to become familiar with basic amplifier design, so im going to build an amp...
  15. J

    Brake switch throw CEL?

    So I was driving back to school today, and the entire time the ride seemed pretty rough (but it was also very windy and i was being pushed all over the road at 90mph - so it couldve just been the wind) all of a sudden, my CEL goes on, so I pull over asap. Checked under the hood, and I smelled...
  16. J

    dual antenas for dual bands

    So I'm gonna get an 800 MHz trunking scanner because we run Mutual aid with Iowa City that uses a trunked system. I still want to be able to hear county on 154MHz, though. For best reception, can I get an 800 MHz antenna and my 154MHz antenna, and just run them in paralell? or will the...
  17. J

    printing posters

    does anyone have any experience printing off poster size prints (anything larger than 8x10") from a digital camera? I have a Sony DSC-P73 (4.1 Megapixels native resolution) and I have some really cool pics that I want to print out in large size, like group pics from the fire dept and my frat...
  18. J

    How to use multiple RCA inputs on TV

    I have a lot of devices with RCA jacks that I would like to connect to my TV. These are things like DVD player, PS2, camera, computer, etc. I was wondering if theres anyway to take a few inputs and assign them to unused channels on the TV (like besides Ch 3 and 4) so that I dont have to switch...
  19. J

    Flowmaster Catback install

    So I got my Flowmaster Force II Catback kit from Summit. Ive read some posts regarding installing it, some people have said they were able to install it without jacking up the truck, others said they needed to remove the shock mount. If I jack up the rear tires(and chock the fronts) and stick...
  20. J

    blue tint to movies

    So I have a sony DSC-P73, works great, but in movie mode, the movies have a blue tint to them - what gives? there is no WB control in movie mode. does anyone know how to fix this?
  21. J

    escalade pickup

    wtf? found this on ebay: some people have too much free time/money
  22. J


    I keep getting the "Check Oil" light even though my oil pressure gauge reads right down the middle. This happened after I changed my oil (replaced 10w30 mobil one with 5w30 mobil one) What does the check oil light mean when I have new oil and the gauge reads normal (might have added a little...
  23. J

    center console writeup with pics

    As some of you may know, I am a firefighter. As such, I have a lot of lights/emergency equipment on my truck, and all that equipment needs power and a means of controlling it. I have had some strobes and wigwags on my truck for quite some. When i got them, I wired them kind of haphazradly by...
  24. J

    help me free my truck!

    ok, so tonight, we had to transport a kid from my house to the hospital with a knee injury. ijn order to make loading him in my truck simpler, i tried to pull my truck up to the front door, but i ended up getting stuck. my truck is sitting at a 45 degree angle in the front yard, with the snow...
  25. J

    changed spark plugs, what does this mean?

    just changed my spark plugs and wires due to rough idling, VERY POOR gas mileage (6mpg - no, sadly, im not joking), and very frequent missing. The overall procedure took much less time than originally anticipated - I had figured about 2 hours, since I had heard some horror stories about that...