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    Forscan RCM for SRS light

    I'm sure i'm just not seeing it, but i'm trying to read and clear the airbag lights however i'm not seeing any codes. how do I get into the RCM?
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    Misfire codes on 5 Star tune

    I’m running the 91 tune and using 93. I have surging issues and keep getting codes P0300 P0316 for misfires. OAR keeps rising and i am seeing knock. With this tune i only see up to + or -1.99. Pulled the plug and there seems to be quite a bit of carbon build up but not on the tip itself. These...
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    Tuned vehicles and OAR (Octane Adjust Ratio) adjustment

    I have tunes from 5* which are oct specific and auto octane tune from Gear head. The auto octane will limit the amount of boost depend on the OAR. My PIU had a OAR of -.16 when i first loaded the tune. Count get more than 12 lbs. another individual suched i reset the KAM and try to force the OAR...
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    Tuned EB PIUs

    Who else in here has a tuned 3.5 eb PIU? Trying to see if this is a unique situation. The last 3 out of 4 times ive uploaded a tune ive gotten this P061D dtc (Pic) . If i do nothing i’ll run like in a limp mode. Im able to clear it and she’ll run normally albeit with a bit of surging and...
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    SRS light on after swapping seats

    I’m trying to read the codes to see what the issue is however i’m not too familiar with Forscan. Where should i be looking?
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    MRT axle back and down pipe install

    MRT axle back is proving to be a PITA to install. I have a hitch and it replaces the factory hanger mount. The hitch is hitting up against the new exhaust so i couldn't mount it without removing the hitch first. it's still a pain in the arse to line things up. the downpipe removal was pretty...
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    Rear PIU seats any different than regular Explorer’s?

    Do PIU 2nd row seats mount differently than regular Explorer’s? The mounting on the regular Explorer’s look different. Pics of regular Explorer seats This is a pic of the the rear mount point on the regular Explorer 2nd row. On the piu it looks like its held on by bolts. This is in the...
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    Replacing police lights

    So i wanting lights that fit in this location (mirrors) that are amber and get then to work with the turn signal. Looks like a 4 wire coming out the back however the bundle of wires from this connector doesn’t seem to include the wires from the light. I also installed these Feniex lights to a...
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    Driver side rear door won’t open.

    I had put the latch back on last week and removed the blown speaker. Everything was working fine until today when I replaced the speaker and got it back together only to find that I now can’t open.m the rear door. It looks like it’s stuck in the lock position and pulling up on the latch doesn’t...
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    Drivers seat rocking

    Anyone else have issues with the drivers seat rocking back in forth? This is my second PIU and both had this issue. My current vehicle is newer but the rocking seems worse. Can’t see where the issue is coming from. The bolts that attach it to the body seem tight and it isn’t rocking back and...
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    2016-2019 Ecoboost PIU

    So I sold my 2013 3.7 and I’m picking up a newer Ecoboost PIU. It’s at 70k so I’m thinking coolant, trans, PTU and rear diff fluid changes. Changing the plugs was a PITA on the 3.7 but I’ll probably do it too. Also thinking oil catch can. Never installed one so recommendations would be great...
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    Black PIU color code?

    Does anyone know the color code for black PIUs?
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    Front Seats

    Anyone know how the front seat bottom comes apart? I need to replace the seat pad and cover.
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    D/S bottom seat cushion cover and seat cushion pad

    Was thinking about adding heated seats to my 2013 PIU. The cushion pad and cover are pretty worn so I was going to replace while I was at it. I watched a video on how to remover the cover for the seat back and it was done without removing the seat. Wondering if the same could be done for the...
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    Exhaust leak?

    Been noticing this noise for a while but it’s getting worse. I’m assuming it’s coming from the flex pipe? anyone else have this issue?
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    Center Console

    Anyone know how the center console comes out? Also curious if the rear 12v power runs through there
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    Rear 12v power

    Find the rear power and was trying to install my sub however I’m not getting power at that location. Is there a fuse I can check? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Tow hitch wiring

    This is the underside where the wiring is suppose to be. but that’s all I see and that doesn’t fit into the T connector I have. Is this normal or am I missing some connections?
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    Head unit brake wire issues

    I have an alpine ilx-w650 double din. I was trying to install my backup camera and noticed my head unit wouldn’t allow me to access the camera or settings. I figure something is wrong with the brake wire connection. It’s getting .04 volts when it’s in park and or when the parking brake is...
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    Wiring in rear gate

    Have a question about the Wiring in the rear gate. Anyone know which is if any is constant power and which one is ground?
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    Metra 99-5847CH install

    Doing the swap so I can install a double din alpine. While wiring I noticed I have 2 red wires for the 2 different harnesses from metra. One is on a 16 pin harness the other is on the 5847 harness. The instructions for the red wire are only under the 16pin harness section. it states “connect...
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    PTU drain plug

    So I was under there trying to drain and fill. I think I see the drain plug at the bottom but if it’s at the bottom how do I fill it? PTU image. Could that be another plug on the middle right? all the videos I see on this service there is only one drain/fill plug. Anyone else done the service?
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    PIU steel wheel center cap

    Anyone know if these black center caps will fit on the 18” steelies? Would like to stop using the chrome covers. Amazon Photos
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    Windshield washer

    The line from the tank to the front sprayers snapped off where it attaches to the hood. Tinkering around I broke one of the lines attached to the nozzle. I’ve got all the parts and just wanted to know how much of a PITA will this be to fix. It’s cold and I’m kinda lazy. How many hours would a...
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    Water in rear hatch / liftgate

    So I bumped my head into the rear hatch while it was open and knocked the rubber stopper off. A long steady stream of water leaked out for a good 10-15 sec. I removed the stopper on the opposite side and had the same thing happen. Is this a common occurrence? I’ve heard water slushing when I’ve...