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    Climate Control/noise from behind glove box

    Is there a way to check the motor? I had brought it to ford and they had told me that my blend door was broken, but they also mentioned that the motor might be bad or the wiring to the motor could be bad. Is there a way to hook up a meter to the harness and check to see if there is power...
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    Heat Box? 98EB

    I brougth my explorer to the local dealer to have them diagnose a problem with my climate control, only hot air. From what I have read here I believe it is the blend door. The dealer confirmed the blend door, but also add the motor for the door as well as a heat box? Not to sound dumb, but I...
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    pinion seal or rear diff leaking

    thanks, thats what I needed to know, I am going to check it tonight and hopefully its not the pinion seal, I think I can drain and refill the diff but I don't know if I can do the pinion seal.
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    pinion seal or rear diff leaking

    pinion seal or rear diff leaking?? help How do I tell which it is. I just noticed the leak yesterday and was hoping to do something about it this weekend but I don't want to do the wrong one. Also if I do one is it easier to just do the other while I am at it. Please help, I just started...
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    CEL code PO455

    I don't have a check fuel cap light, but that would have been cool. I wouldn't have to worry what was wrong with my car now....
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    CEL code PO455

    thanks rob, it turns out it was the gas cap, the last place I had gotten gas the attendant (live in jersey, don't have to pump my own gas) did not put the gas cap back on completly, more like just placed it there. I am in the process of doing 2 complete drive cycles and will let you guys know...
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    Check Engine Light Came On This Morning. Help Please.

    I just go that same code. I am going to check my gas cap but I was wondering, what exactly is 2 drive cycles. That way I will know if the if the light hasn't gone off. Thanks
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    CEL code PO455

    Dose anyone know what I can do to fix this? I did a search on the forum and only found one post and it mentions the fuel cap. Is it possible it is something that simple? Please help... thanks.
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    AC-Delco batteries

    Does anyone know on an AC-Delco battery they have a sensor to tell you the status of the battery. Mine is red, does that mean I need a new battery or does it mean the battery is not charged?
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    battery dies when alarms is on and it rains???

    It is an aftermarket alarm. I have to check to see if there is a leak. Dogfriend, would it be possible for the it to drain the battery even if I left the alarm off. I shut off the alarm one night and the next day, after it had rained it did not start. Thanks.
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    battery dies when alarms is on and it rains???

    My battery dies only when it rains and the alarm is on. I had someone look at the alarm and they said it was ok, alternator and battery checked out also. Anyone have any ideas?
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    air suspension on an EB

    I was having problems with my remote start the other day and one time when my car wasn't starting I looked down at the computer and it said air suspension is off. I was wondering how I turn it on. I looked in the manual and it said it was in rear of the car where the jack is. I checked there...
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    problems with autostart

    Ok, it's 4:30 saturday morning and I have to take my wife to the salon to get her hair done for a wedding that day, I put everything into the truck and goto start it and nothing, but the alarm goes off.... tried it a couple more times and nothing but alarm and the neighbors aren't happy...
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    error code PO430???

    thanks, that is what he said but he mentioned bank 1, is it a different code for bank 1?
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    error code PO430???

    I was wondering if anyone knows what it is? I went to autozone and that is what it came up. The guy told me it could either be the catalytic converter or the oxygen sensor, probally the oxygen sensor. He also mentions bank 1. Can I do this myself? Where is the sensor?
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    Power Antenna Broken

    I had the same problem, you just need to replace the mast and it should be fine. Got one at a dealer for $25. All you have to do is pop the black attenna base off, remove three screws and turn the radio on, the antenna will come right out. feed the new one in and shut off the radio and it...
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    autolamp always on

    jssong, the sensor is on the back of the mirror, correct? Also, is there anyplace else besides the back of the mirror to check the wireing?
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    autolamp always on

    I am having a problem with my autolamp. I valet parked my car the other day and I guess the driver had turned the lights on with the autolamp on. When I got home and shut the car off the headlight chime went off and I noticed that he had turned the headlights on manually also. The next day I...
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    What kind of Escape did I see?

    if you goto the ford website and look at the pictures of the escape, it is the second row last pic.
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    What kind of Escape did I see?

    I saw one also, I looked at the website and they show a black on that is similar to what you are describing, they called it a midnight package.
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    power antenna rattle

    mine only does it on the way up, the antenna extends, rattle, and then the motor stops. Going down is no problem
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    power antenna rattle

    I am having a problem with my power antenna, when it goes up the motor continues to run and I hear a rattleing sound like the motor trying to push the antenna up and the teeth on the antenna rattleing. Has anyone run across this? Is it the mast or the motor? Thanks for your help
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    Check Engine Light

    Is there anyone in mid New Jersey that can get the codes off my truck for me. I called a place near me and they wanted $70. Help....
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    check engine light

    Last thursday, my check engine light came on and I figured let me reset my computer and see if it comes back on.... it didn't. Do I have anything to worry about?
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    Custom gauge faces that you can make out of paper

    after you make the gauges you want and you cut them out, do you have to cut everthing out, ie all of the numbers, warnings, ect. ???