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    Replacing cracked rear panel - what adhesive to use?

    The rear panel under the rear glass finally cracked on my 05, right to the right of the Ford emblem. From my online searches, it appears using a hammer and a putty knife (and taping up the surrounding paint for protection) is the best method for removal of the old broken panel. I bought a...
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    Coolant leak remains after replacing thermostat housings and sensor

    My 2005 Explorer 4.0 V6 had a coolant leak coming from the lower thermostat housing. Coolant would pool up on top of the engine and drip all over the driveway and make puddles. I replaced both the upper and lower thermostat housings, thermostat (since I was already in there) and the sensor. All...
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    2005 XLT 4.0 Flex Photos

    Just gave the Jurassic Park '05 a bath on a nice Saturday after being all salty from our Michigan roads. Almost 190,000 miles on this one.
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    05 Headliner starting to come down

    I was upset to discover after a really rainy day the headliner started to come down a bit near the visors on both the passenger and driver side of my Explorer. I don't think any moisture got in, as I didn't feel any dampness or stains. The weird thing is, if I gently push and massage it back...
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    2005 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 4x4 Timing Chain Rattle

    I realize there are many threads on this, but I'd like the input of others on my particular situation. I have an '05 XLT 4.0 4x4 with what sounds to me like timing chain rattle. It's not too obvious, unless idling next to a large object or barrier with windows down for the sound of the...
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    Replacing coil pack as preventative maintenance?

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer 4x4 XLT. No maintenance records except everything I have done in the year+ I have owned it. I have no idea when/if the plugs and wires have even been done, so I plan on replacing these with Motorcraft OEM plugs and wires soon. Should I also replace the coil pack...
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    How do you remove the grille on a gen 3?

    2005 XLT I searched and could only find out how on other generation models. I looked at mine, and see a number of philips head fasteners on the top. Is that it? Seems like there would be clips too on the bottom and/or sides. If anyone has any tips on removal, I'd appreciate it. The chrome...
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    Is it normal to hear 4x4 kick on when in Auto mode?

    When my Ford Explorer is in 4x4 Auto mode, and when it detects the rears spinning and kicks on 4x4 automatically I can hear it. When I manually put my Explorer in 4x4 High with the button, I don't hear any sounds of it engaging (but it works, and works really well) It doesn't bother me, but I...
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    Help! - Leaking warm water near trans (Picture of source)

    After seeing a puddle under the Explorer we noticed it dripping warm water out of a little black piece forward of the transmission. The little spout looks like it is designed to release water or fluid. I did not run the AC today, only heat and defrost. I drove it on the highway for 30 minutes...
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    Wiring harness part no. for front airbag sensor?

    My front airbag sensor for my 2005 Explorer XLT is corroded and broken and needs to be replaced (air bag code 42) I also have to replace the wiring harness as that is badly corroded too. I have already acquired the Air Bag Center Sensor & Bracket # 2C5Z-14B006-AA Can anyone tell me...
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    New to me 2005 Explorer - Visor wiring harness and door ajar issue related?

    Hello, I picked up a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 V6 yesterday with 165,000 miles. It will be a DD as soon as I get it insured and registered. (I'll still drive my 1997 2x4 Ranger, but not as much and definitely not in the snow anymore!) I only have a few minor annoying issues with the...