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    Hello again forum, long time no posting. Well, just to show a couple of pics of my first carbon fiber layups. These were my very first pieces, even when quality was not the best, I love the look of the real carbon fiber, this is not a vynil stiker that its very popular, actually I am starting...
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    Expedition 98 parts that fits into explorer 98

    Hello: I have a friend who is parting out an expedition 98, I wonder about if seats will fit in my XLT 98 (driver seat is litte teared). what parts would fit into a Explorer?
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    pa 883 & 853 steering link

    :D First of all, thanks to everybody that post you stuff here and share your experience. I have learn a lot from you each day. Well, my question: I bougth from a PA 853, which it is for the 95-97 models, but now I want to put it in a X 99, what I need to modify of the steering linking bar? I...
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    central tail ligth issue

    Here is my concern. I have a XLT 98 4x4, and I have a problem with my central tail ligth on my X. My central tail ligth, which turns on when we push the brakes, with my X all parked and doors closed and locked, it is showing a very soft ligth on, almost invisible. I guess I have some kind of...
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    Question regarding fuel Injector cleaning.

    Hello Everybody: Congratulations for your forum. I have learned a lot through your threads here. I own a XLT V6 4x4, stock. In the near future we are about to do the TT/shackles thing with a 3" body lifth, and put some 33" on her, but that will be matter for another thread. I have a...