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    What Gearbox do I have

    I have a 96 Explorer 5 Speed Manual (Australia). I found a Shifter repair kit on Ebay (U.S) to suit M5R1 & M5R2 Gearbox. Item number 360228264578 Will this Kit fit my car? Or does the Aussie model have a different box to U.S
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    Hydraulic Clutch activating on its own

    In september 2010 i purchased a new clutch master from pheonix friction. Installed the unit, took it to a clutch specialist and had it bled properly. No prob the ting worked great. I was due for a clutch and slave but put it off for a months. During December on my way home from a holiday...
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    I have only got half a clutch pedal

    I have bled the clutch several times but still only have half pedal feel. The clutch works fine and been told its ok. At idle the shifter is hard to get into 1st. If i give it a little rev it slips in fine. It just seems like it is not engaging properly. Any takers on this one.
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    Random Misfire Code

    Had my truck into Ford to check out an engine light.. Comes up with a code for a random misfire. The light came on about a month after i installed a new Camshaft Synchroniser and positonng sensor. Each time i reset the computer it usually comes on a few days later. So the misfire is not...
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    Door Trimm removal

    Ive had a lot of cars over the years but always manage to stuff the clips on a door trimm. Before i go ahead and remove the trimm from the front right hand door is there anything i need to know or some procedure or special tool that might help me avoid damaging the clips. Keep in mind my...
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    Squealing noise

    Got this squealing noise that sounds like it coming from under the car. To be more precise it sounds like its coming from the front of the Gear box. Cant pin point it. Its intermittent, stays on for a minute or so then is gone for a while. Thought it might be the Cam position sensor but that is...
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    Manual Gearox Noise

    Had this issue for a while. At cold start up a squeaking noise is present. Sounded a bit like a fan belt noise. Would go away after a few minutes. Did get louder over time. Was leaning toward the Cam shaft sensor as per threads on the forum but didnt worry too much about it. While on my road...
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    96 Explorer Weather Shield. Who supplies them

    Want to get my hands on a couple of weather shields. Peps, Auto 1, superCheap and FOrd have either no listing or stock lists advise obsolete her in the land of OZ. Does anyone know where i can get my hands on 1 or 2 NEW. Dont want one of those skinny ones either. I like to be able to have...
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    Rear Brake removal 96 Explorer

    Mangaged to get my pads and discs off for replacement. Cant seem to get the Handbrake pads off. There is this stupid little clip in the centre of each pad. Does anybody have a tip on how to remove the clip. Its some sort of sliding part. And i dont know if the handbrake pads actually need...
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    Steering Problem

    Need some help on this one. I have a 96 Explorer. After i did some off roading (nothng too serious), i developed a steering shake when turning. I was given the advice to replace the power steering pump so i did. The pump was definately stuffed. The shaft had movement and the pump had been...
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    Tempreture Guage

    Just bought a 5 speed 96 XLT. What a fantastic car. One question i need answered is this. Is the tempreture guage supposed to fluctuate from cold to normal while driving? Other cars i have owned have never had guages move as extremely as this. The cars seems to run fine except i have noticed...