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  1. J

    Ford thought this was a good idea? wiper linkage

    In the latest storm my passenger wiper stopped working & just the drivers side worked. I took it apart today. What a dumb design. The passenger side linkage is held with nothing but a press fit nub with a bushing. As seen in the pic, there's nothing to prevent the linkage from again falling...
  2. J

    Windshield leaking

    Since Ian hit, I have discovered my windshield is leaking. It's the sides/bottom I think. I have no water on my floormat but under it & up the sides I do. Also was wet under the dash. Headliner was dry. Do I have options? Other then replace the windshield? My insurance will cover replacement but...
  3. J

    Door lock problem, can open when locked

    FL had a cold spell. My X didn't like that. The passanger side door lock wouldn't unlock. Heard the motor. Key also didn't work. I left it alone. Seemed to be fine once the temp went back to normal. Forward now almost 2 months. I discover the passenger door will open from the outside when...
  4. J

    Do the rear cargo windows still leak?

    This was a 1st gen problem, & 2nd gen problem. All explorers I had. The rear cargo windows rubber adhesive would get brittle dry out & water would seep in behind the panels & then soak the carpet. Had to buy byutle rubber take the windows out, scrape the old stuff off & then apply new & rebolt...
  5. J

    Power steering pump/chirping

    I really thought the chirping was the tensioner....Nope. I replaced that,the idle pulley & the belt. Still chirping. Comes & goes. More apparent as I give it throttle. Doesn't do it at idle. From searching it seems the power steering pump could be the cause? How likely is that? I have never...
  6. J

    PSA...Keep a spare alarm battery in the vehicle

    If you have an aftermarket alarm or even a stock one, keep a spare FOB battery in the car. Got stuck for an hour cause the battery died in my Viper FOB. I could unlock the door with the key, but the the alarm blares & cut the ignition..... Had to walk a few miles to a store to find a 2032...
  7. J

    Replaced hatch/window struts

    I was surprised the little balls for these did nut rust off like my 1st gens. I was able to replace mine with the Strongarm replacements. OMG It's SO much effort now to close the hatch. Little too much. But they should loosen a little. Did the window ones too. It's nice to have that not...
  8. J

    Blown valve cover gasket

    My drivers side is leaking really bad & leaking onto the header. No warning, just went.(SOHC) After looking at the repair manual, I don't have the time to do it. Anyone know what a shop may charge to replace the drivers side gasket? And can recommend the gasket to use? Thanks
  9. J

    SOHC failure chances

    I get it, the engine is flawed by design with plastic guide rods. I know the internet makes things seem like it's every one made. Realistically if one doesn't see a problem with 18 years & 106K miles of use, & Mobil 1 every 3K miles with a new filter, can one expect it to fail out of nowhere...
  10. J

    Cranks no start

    I drove 260 miles 1 way. I then stopped to fill up gas. No problems before hand. No starting, fuel or otherwise. I got gas, tried to start, cranks, but won't start. The button on the inertia switch is down. I popped it up manually & reset it. Took the connector out, looked fine. Wiggled it...
  11. J

    Climate control fan speed same on 1-3

    I replaced the Blower motor resistor 2 times. Still the same problem. Speeds 1-3 are the same speed. 4 kicks on high. Suggestions? It was working up until 4 months ago. No other problems.
  12. J

    so SLOW

    Is it the gearing? Power band of the SOHC? Emissions junk? 5MT gearing? All of the above? This thing goes no where fast. Compared to my 1st gens it's a dog. 2nd gear especially. I've driven the auto's & they don't suffer from this. It's a real PITA when I'm tying to merge into traffic or I...
  13. J

    Door lock actuator came off door

    I was getting a thud every time I locked & unlocked my drivers door. I investigated it today & found the door lock actuator has broke loose from the door. There's a rivet holding it in place that sheered off. The actuator works fine. Problem is the drivers door doesn't lock/unlock now with the...
  14. J

    Need new cluster bulbs

    I lived with it but now it's dark except the area around the gas gauge. I read the DIY. I have no desire for anything but basic stock bulbs. It is really a simple DIY? I don't want to get into it & break something that will cost me more $ to fix. The lights by the fan & climate control are...
  15. J

    Outside door pillar discolored

    Any info on how to fix this? Everything else is black but this 1 pillar on the passenger side for some reason. It's like a ashy gray.
  16. J

    timing chain tensioner replacement

    My 02 sport is quiet. No noises, no rattle, 94K miles. I've been reading about these timing chain tensioners. Is it worth it to replace them now? My fear is if I attempt to it could actually cause a problem. I don't think they were replaced before I got it. They look original on inspection.
  17. J

    Washer line fittings

    Replaced the wiper cowls on my sport. Of course 15 year old plastic broke. Anyone have a source for the T fittings for the washer lines? Also need the plastic fitting going to the drivers side nozzle. thanks
  18. J

    02 Sport fitments

    Is an 2002 Sport the same as the 2nd gens or is it the 3rd gen? I'm having problem finding parts that fit because the 02 Sport in the computer is classified as the 3rd gen, but some 2nd gen parts are fitting. I need ball joints. Should I be looking at a 2nd gen or 3rd gen parts?
  19. J

    Water leak cargo area

    02 sport. Do these suffer the same water leak issues around the rear windows as the 1st gen's? I discovered today the hatch carpet is damp & the jute stuff is soaked. The side window doesn't appear to be like the 1st gen. Is it the same procedure to seal it back? Thanks
  20. J

    Replacing HU in 02 Sport

    Hi Getting ready to swap my HU. Few questions... The wire harness kit I got includes a 12V to 5V adapter. I'm a little confused what this is for. It seems it's used to keep the factory amp? or bypass it? I want to use the amp from my HU. Does the stock 6CD HU have an external amp behind the...
  21. J

    2002 Sport tailights same as 2001?

    Hi Are the 2002 Sport taillights the same as a 2001? I'm having trouble with this year. The parts stores are all giving me sport trac's which are different. Thanks
  22. J

    1st gen no more

    It was time. Got a great deal, sold the old one, 93K miles & 5 speed....
  23. J

    Where to run power wire through firewall

    Just got a 02 Sport. Factory is going. Where is the best location to run the power wire for my Sub into the interior? On the 1st gen I used a hole already there for the alarm & resealed it. Anything preexisting? I noticed several plugs going into the firewall. Thanks
  24. J

    Looking at an 02 Sport

    My 1st gen I love it, but it's got 3 oil leaks, roof is rusting & the original clutch. 93K miles I found a 02 Sport 2WD 5 speed 300 miles from me. I have yet to see it. Trying to decide if it's worth the drive. It would be a see & take deal because I'm not driving back there. 93K original miles...
  25. J

    Roof rust

    My 93 runs great has 92K original miles & works for me. However the roof is rusting. I had a body shop repaint the roof 6 years ago for $200. I know they they just sanded it a little & repainted. The rust is coming back in some spots. While I can't yet feel it through I know it will soon be if...