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    1st Gen Power Steering Pump failure

    Ok guys, time for me to ask a couple questions and ask for some advice for a change. The pwr steering pump on my 93 is going bad, leaking power steering fluid (from the shaft sear I think) and whining. I know the whining can be caused by aeriation of the fluid. The fluid in the reservoir looks...
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    New R/C helicopter

    Ok, first I was bitten by the Explorer bug and now, more toys for the big boy! I had some friends many years ago that were into model airplanes. Scale model control-line and R/C. Although it was in the mid-70's, I don't remember how many of them were actually R/C planes. (DUHHH, it was the...
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    Silly odometer question

    Can someone answer; why does my Ex's Odometer only read up to 99,999.9 before turning back over to 00,000.0? Did the Ford engineers think no one would ever drive one of these long enough to turn the odometer over? This is the only vehicle I've ever driven in over 35 years (aside from...
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    Solved Everything you wanted to know about PATS.

    Antitheft and Alarm Systems: Description and Operation ANTI-THEFT The passive anti-theft system (PATS) uses radio frequency identification technology to deter a driveaway theft. Passive means that it does not require any activity from the user. The PATS uses a specially encoded ignition key...
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    Sport Trac website

    I'm not a Sport or Sport Trac owner but in my travels across the wild wild web I found this website that may be of interest. There appears to be some good how-to and project articles that may also be of interest to us regular explorer owners and tinkerers.