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    flat towing a 2000 sport

    Would it be ok to tow my explorer behind my truck for about 25 miles on back roads? I know its not good for the trans so I was thinking just let the thing idle in N or even in Drive for the trip. it would only be 1 or 2x a year I would do this. Thanks for any replies.
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    2000 ohc wont start

    My 2000 has had trouble starting when cold, now it wont start at all and its warm out. I pulled a plug wire and stuck a plug in it, it has spark. I sprayed eather in it and that didn't help. it might have sputtered once every 5 sec of cranking. check engine light is off when cranking, it...
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    plowing with exporer

    Can the transfer case in a 2000 exp take the abuse of plowing snow? I don't think its a chain drive like my ranger, I have a feeling the clutch that transmits power to the front will not like it. Also, is it normal for the power steering to act weird for abot 20 miles if you coast with the...
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    abs codes

    Is there a way to check abs codes without going to the dealer? autozone cant read them, I dont know if advanced auto can do them eather.
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    few trans questions

    :exporange Will it hurt anything to leave me conver lockup switch on for an extended period of time while on the highway? I am taking it to tenessee and hate that it locks and unlocks every time it goes down or up a hill. I know there were certain chevys that you would fry the solenoid if you...
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    brake controller

    I was getting ready to hook up a brake controller on my explorer the other day and under the brake pedal there is about 6 wires on the switch. Which one would be the one i hook up to, and what are all the other wires for?
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    A4ld shifting

    Does the A4ld trans ever lock up the totque converter at full throttle? In my exp it will lock it in 2nd ger wot, and drive, but not overdrive.
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    4 vs 2 door towing

    IS there any reason why a 2000 sport is rated at 1000 lbs less than a 4 door with the same gears and stuff? My truck is rated at 9000 total lbs, but the 4 door is at 10 000 lbs.
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    Is the frame the same on a 2 and 4 door explorer, except obviously the length?
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    rear shocks

    Does the factory load leveling opton use air shocks to adjust the ride? My truck is sitting low in the back and saw a set for sale in autozone, but i dont know if the mount is strong enough to support that much weight. (rated at 1100 lbs)
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    How much power does the 4.0 make in a 2000 sport? I found 205, 207, and 210 HP ratings but i dont know which is right.
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    When the explorer is coasting for a few seconds, will the injectors stop squirting fuel into the engine? I have a stick ranger and mustang, and you can tell when the injectors shut down, it slows down quicker and the engine note changes. Its hard to tell on the explorer with the automatic and...
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    Door hinges

    IS it possible to change just the pins on a bad door hinge, or do i have to replace the whole hinge? I want to get this fixed before the door gets messed up
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    Auto transfercase questions

    Ive recently done the brown wire mod to my explorer with a lighted switch, and ive noticed it does something kinda funny when i put in in 4 hi or 4 lo. When sitting there idleing, the light is pretty dim, when i give it gas or go above 10 mph, the light is brighter, and when its above 15 mph its...
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    rear washer doesnt work

    Any common issues why the rear washer wont work, but the wiper works fine? The front washer works good too. Thanks
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    free play in front wheels

    how much resistance should the front tires have when you jack it up and spin the front tires by hand. I can push as hard as i can and i get only 1 full revolution, maybe 1 1/2 if im lucky. On my 89 ranger the tire will spin probablly for close to 10 times. Im trying to see if that is hurting my...
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    Manual Torque converter lockup

    I have a lockup switch on my 2000 explorer with the 5r55e tranny. Is the torque converer solenoid pulse with modulated or is always on when the converter locks. The switch i hooked up works good, but if its gonna mess up the solenoid im gonna have to figure out a way to deal with the pulse...
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    new guy

    Hey guys i just joined the site.I have a 2000 exolorer sport i just picked up a few weeks ago. I also have a 89 ranger, which i had for 10 years now.:rangerred: