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    SHO ecoboost engine cover fit?

    I wanted to dress up my engine bay a bit, will the '11-'15 3.5L Taurus SHO engine cover fit the 3.5L ecoboost engine in my '16 Explorer Platinum? Thx
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    Engine cover removal?

    What is the procedure to remove the engine cover on a '16 3.5L Ecoboost? I searched (including youtube) but couldn't find an answer. Maybe I asked wrong. Not having a problem, just curious what's under there.
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    HVAC question

    On my '10 Explorer, the air flow will change from the front vents to the floor for about 12 seconds then return to the front vents. It does it once or twice a trip, and I notice it more when the AC is on. I don't think it is the blend door actuator because I can move the temp control all the...
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    Navigation SD backup?

    I'm rather paranoid about computer and data backups. Is it possible to make a backup of the navigation SD (v.A7)? Not for sale, but in case of corruption of theft of the original.
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    Request for those with a '09 or '10 with nav radio

    For those of you who have a '09 or '10 ST with navigation system, would you check the illumination and clock display in the config status section of your bezel diagnostics to see the setting (should be 0 or 1 I think)? Both of mine are set at 0 and neither the button illumination or clock...